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Canadian greyhound customer.I also would give negative rating if I was able to.

In the past couple months I have used the greyhound from petawawa a military town to Ottawa and my spouse used it once as well. It's a 2 hour and 40 min bus ride depending on weather. I am military and taking a engineering program on the weekends at the college in Ottawa. The last 3 times I have taken this bus it was 2 plus hours late I missed classes and appointments but that's not there issue cause weather I understand that.

My issue is with the current trip I am on right now. Same locations but this time I was 4 mins late from the scheduled time for the bus to depart when I ran to the bus I was seeing people get back on after having a smoke so not late at all. I was met with a rude bus driver who told me to hurry up and go get my ticket cause I had purchased it online and needed to pick it up at willcall. I go inside and I almost thought that the driver was going to leave without me.

The cashier at the store in the bus station told me to wait cause she was at the back doing something and I'm like I need my ticket. They never ask for the willcall word that you put in when you purchase a ticket online so they might as well just get rid of that step I give her my confirmation number after I look it up on my phone. She enters it wrong. I give her my phone it takes like 5 mins to print off the ticket and the entire time she was rude.

She was telling me that because she came from the back of the store to get my ticket she was doing me a favour, so that's awesome now doing your job is considered a favour to customers. I guess that may be how things work when the company already has the money cause it's purchased online. I went back to the bus and the driver tells me to hurry up and sit down that I am holding up the bus now. I have been multiple hours late every time I have take this bus and he's giving me attitude about being 5 mins late.

I would have been more vocal but I needed to get to the college in Ottawa. I don't understand the attitude. Is it because the bus driver has some superiority complex or is it because I must be low class cause I am taking a bus I'm not sure but that is how the driver and the cashier came across. I was in the military for 11 years and am now 35 talking an advanced diploma for civil engineering I own my home have multiple cars and a son and daughter I take the bus cause I can get to the destination I need to and stay at a hotel and then commute back with a friend on Sunday.

But I have to have a disagreement with another grown man cause I was a couple mins late after dealing with a rude customer service employee at the cash and enduring multiple trips that were hours late. I will be looking hard at other ways to travel. I feel like greyhound doesn't appreciate its cusomers.

In a sense I get the impression they figure they can treat people however they want cause if we are on a bus then we don't have another alternative.That's just a horrible attitude for a company to have.

Review about: Greyhound Vehicle Driver.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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