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Update by user Aug 12, 2018

After lodging this complaint, was given a full refund for the price of my ticket...however, the computer site still acts hinky, from time to time...just have to risk refreshing the screen and re-installing all info, to be able to just print the ticket at home. Greyhound states they are still working the bugs out of the new system...home ticket printers, beware of "stalls."

Original review posted by user Jul 13, 2018

I tried to purchase a round-trip ticket on Greyhound's "updated" all of the way to the last step & a 1-800 came up, stating I would have to do this over the phone. I did; and, the Customer Service representative (overseas) was very polite...but, we did have a tiny struggle with the language barrier.

However, he did clearly state that he could not apply my earned 15% discount, over the phone; I would have to print out the discount code and take it to the actual Greyhound office for pickup, in order to have it applied.

He also said it was ok to wait up to a week to pick it up, there, just before my trip. I wasn't comfortable with this, so I called the local Greyhound office the next day, and I was immediately advised to pick it up within 24 hours, or they couldn't hold my, Greyhound is overselling like the airlines, now?

I did get down to the local Greyhound office the next day; I know the lady behind the counter--a real straight-shooter; and, she stated the Customer Service representative had given me bad information: the discount code can only be used for online purchases...period. I thanked her, took the ticket and made my trip.

So, for my next online booking, the site wouldn't let me apply the 15% discount code, though it didn't state anything, onscreen, specifically; however, after the third try, I got to the final button, and the site tanked, again, telling me I would have to do it over the phone...

Since I'd already run Malware and Spybot that morning, I rebooted, instead, and got my ticket to go through, finally, online.

But, this is not an improved website, if it pulls stunts like this!

Has anyone else gone through anything similar?

Many thanks!

Product or Service Mentioned: Greyhound Bus Ticket.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Greyhound Pros: Getting my discount codes to apply when it worked.

Greyhound Cons: Miscued directions and notices that were promised in the mail, But never arrived.

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