I have been dealing with Greyhound for many years and sister in law takes bus from group home to pa.We missed bus due to her disability and getting her ready and Greyhound would not refund or give us a future ticket for that one way, so I had to drive her 3.5 hours home and then drive back.

I will now drive to NJ to have her get the NJ transit bus.

It may be a little inconvenient but the bus fare is 3.50 verses the 118.00 and it takes her directly to cherry hill, NJ.I think Greyhound now stinks and being in Real Estate I will never refer that bus company to anyone!!!

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Pennsauken Township, New Jersey, United States #782448

The world at large does not have to make major adjustments to accommodate a handicapped person.Reasonable accommodation is the standard.

Surely your relative would have been able to get on the Greyhound had she been there on time. There are some deaf people who think everyone else should put up with them pumping up the volume so they can hear their radio or TV. But it is the other way around. Deaf people should put on earphones and THEN raise the volume so it affects only them.

There was once a long haired president who hogged a runway at an airport and made a lot of people have to be delayed all so his handicap of long hair could be accommodated.

The handicapped should not overly burden others and think the special treatment they think they deserve should inconvenience others to no end.It should inconvenience others not one iota whatever.

to Hooknose McGee #785162

You're totally ignorant!!!!


It isn't Greyhound's fault that your sister in law missed the bus.It is her fault and the fault of whoever is her care giver.

When people have to be someplace at a certain time, they have to start getting ready early enough to insure that they will get to their destination on time. I don't see why Greyhound should reimburse you for anything, being it isn't their fault.

The fact that your sister in law is disabled shouldn't have anything to do with the matter, there is still a matter of personal responsibility, no matter what type of disability a person has.It is a matter of starting to get ready early enough.

to anonymous #785181

You're a little better, but not very considerate.

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