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I have a solution to many of the problems with Greyhound.They should start only filling up their buses halfway and give each passenger two adjacent seats. I'm sure that people would be willing to pay 50% more for their tickets to be able to have some private space where they are not pressed up against somebody.

Or, they could use their extra seat to set down their valuable belongings that they don't want to have mysteriously disappear when it is put underneath the bus as luggage. Greyhound should start following the golden rule of "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" and start charging fair, reasonable prices for food, snacks and drinks in it's bus depots. Also, they should should crack down on all of the shady characters lurking in and around the stations. Greyhound should make sure that it's stations and bathrooms are always extremely clean, even if it means having janitors and maids working round the clock 24 hours a day.

Greyhound should show mercy to people who are unable to take a trip and at least let them apply the full cost of their ticket(s) to a later purchase, so that they can take the trip after they recover from their illness or injuries. Greyhound should offer for sale at very low cost a wide assortment of magazines for customers to purchase so that they can read while waiting for buses or while riding the bus. the magazines should be sold for like only a dollar apiece so that everyone could afford to buy them. Greyhound should reward the wonderful nice drivers and the funny comedian drivers with huge bonuses and raises in salary for making the passengers experiences so much more enjoyable.

If for some reason a passeng Happy er is stranded overnight and has to wait a real long time for a bus, a Greyhound representative should drive them to a real nice hotel for them to stay for the night and not put them up in a roach motel.

I think that if Greyhound did these things that they would see a huge increase in profits from their many satisfied customers. Happy Happy

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