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I supposed to leave Dayton, OH at 10,20pm the bus was full they toke only 2 passenger i dont know how Greyhound system works and we were forced to stay 2 more hours for 2nd bus to come, i payed for 15 hours trip, now im at Columbus, OH its 2,30am and they are telling me the bus will come at 5,20am!!! What's going on here i have to wait again 3 hours who gonna refund the money that i payed for 15h and the time that i waisted.

I hope there no more delay and believe me its gonna b my last time, ill tell all my friends about this in Facebook. A company that dont have system or update or at least let the customer know whats going on i called the customer srv they told we can do nothing i have to wait till 5am to make a complaint

Product or Service Mentioned: Greyhound Bus Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Telling on "Facebook" doesn't mean anything and won't help.

And unless you tell only truth, you are subject to libel accusations.

You "don't know how the system works" . Here's what happens...you get hung.

You're not entitled to any cash refund because they only contracted to get you from POINT-A to POINT-B ; which they did.

I've travelled a lot more than I ever wanted to and I can tell you that your experience is a minor inconvenience compared to what could have happened.