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A Bus ticket was purchased Conf#5674555801, for myself, explaining that I was Disabled, and have a Brain Disease, and would need help all the way to my destination. That I would not be able to lift any Bags and all was Paid in advance, also when I left the Bus Station out of Myrtle Beach, I also paid additional $15.00 for a bag.

When I arrive in Norfolk, Va. I explain to the Staff and Bus Driver Mr. Smith, that I was Disabled, when I seen that they had threw my Bags on the ground and my clothing was everywhere, I picked them up, and put items back in my Bag. I ask for Help, they laughed, (3-4 men and 2 women)and said to bring my bags in to get them tagged, I said they are Tagged.

I was made to pull them in the Building stand in line, where the clerk said that, I was already tagged, then I pull them back to the other line where the Driver(Mr. Smith) said, I can't get on his bus with the Bags, I was allowed to have before his Station, which was my Purse w/ID and personal belongs, my other purse which had my Medication in it and a Back pack with food, because It was a 22hr Bus Ride, I had to tagged my food bag and put under the Bus, which leaves me without food and water to take my Medication, and combine my two purses, into one and made to leave my Brand new purse, behind. The Clerk, said just put the other purse on the bench someone will get it, then she seen how nice a Designer Purse (Coach) was, she said, give it to me, I will keep that, it's a nice purse.. I was so exhausted, and out of breathe, I was sweating really bad, I felt as if, I was going to pass out.

I explained to Mr.Smith that I combine my bags, can I get on the Bus now, he seen my condition, I was in Bad condition and needed to sit down, he then says go ahead, and opens the door to the Bus, everyone on that bus, seen how they treated me as a Paying Disabled customer, this was at 10:30pm(Fri)May 15, 2015. When, I reached Schenectady,the next day at 1:00pm, I had been Mentally and Physically Abused by Greyhound Employees, in Norfolk, Va... If all their camera are working in and out of Greyhound station, it is on Film. Mr.

Smith, was Rude, was a reckless Driver, I was scared the entire ride feeling as if I had whiplash.. When we finally made it to N.Y.C. Station, I had to unload my Bags again, but then I seen a Phone for assistance and Dialed 54, asked for help with my Bags which were heavy, he arrived in 5 mins of the call, Mr. Smith was still around waiting to see what happens, when my assistance came, Mr.

Smith Shouted out Loud, so that others in the station Looked up and said make sure you get paid, I was upset, humiliated, in front of hundreds, if not Thousands of people, but the Man that help with my bags was an employee of Greyhound was very nice in assisting me, to my next Bus, I told him of my experience with Mr. Smith, and his Norfolk crew, as an employee of Greyhound he apologized for my mistreatment as a Disabled person.. I would have never taken Greyhound Bus, But there had been an Amtrak accident, and no train were available the Date of May15, 2015 (Friday), and due to my Illness, I am not able to take Airplanes.

I was told to consult with Lawyer, I am Seriously thinking about it.. Marilyn Williams

Product or Service Mentioned: Greyhound Bus Service.

Reason of review: Mistreatment of Disabled People.

Preferred solution: Contact my Lawyer.

Greyhound Cons: No help for disabled.

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