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My first bus was almost 30 minutes late. Ride was about an hour on it, if that long, and ended up freezing half to death in a Greyhound station that had no heat during below zero temperature for 8 hours.

Next bus was supposed to show up at 3am and did not show up at all. No announcement of a delay, no announcement that the bus was not going to show up, just me standing up in the Greyhound station for about 4 hours straight and in line for a total of more than three ADDITIONAL hours. Sent a line stander behind me to ask about the bus and got an accouncement that our bus was delayed, about 20 minutes after asking. I assumed a replacement bus was on the way so I remained in line.

I was first in line and wanted a good seat so I stayed. About 30 minutes later the aforementioned line stander (a complete stranger I'd been friendly with in line) came and got me to come with her to the ticket counter because "They only have X number of tickets for the new bus". There had been no announcement whatsoever from Greyhound!!! If I hadn't had a friendly chat with this stranger, and if she wasn't a kind person, with NO ANNOUNCEMENT ABOUT THIS FROM GREYHOUND I would have been left in the station waiting for a bus that wasn't coming or was going to be full OF ALL THE PEOPLE BEHIND ME IN LINE (I was first in line) so I couldn't continue my trip!

I went to the ticket counter and was given a new set of tickets. I got on the bus about 4 hours later and as when the driver walkrd by I got a nasty surprise. The people at the ticket counter had replaced the tickets they took from me with tickets to a completely different city! I had to literally RUN back inside to have them fix their mistake and even still I almost got left behind by this bus!

The ticket change had no line and probably took 5 minutes but the bus driver was pissed (at me). Finally made it to new layover and surprise, my bus is delayed! Every single bus has been late or a no show so far and I have like 8 layoverd left plus who knows how many stops. Greyhound has made this trip a total nightmare.

Next up what, gettig dropped off at a station that's closed and having to sit outside on the curb? Getting my one piece of luggage stolen? Slipping and falling down the bus stairs?

Getting stabbed? Who knows, because they are screwing up every single thing!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Greyhound Bus Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Whenever I ride the Greyhound Bus You always feel absolutely disgusted, like a Giant Greyhound Dog has just pissed all over you.