Massena, New York
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I have a death in the family and cannot leave

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My friend, I am sorry to tell you that Greyhound does not refund money on tickets. They are cruel and heartless and they do not care that your family member has died.

And they do not care if you were in an accident and broke your leg and cannot travel either. This company's policies are disgusting and shameful.

I don't think that anyone should ever buy an advance purchase Greyhound ticket. Only buy the tickets if you are 100% sure that you can take the trip, and after you have already arrived at the station a couple of hours to and hour before it is time to leave.


"This company's policies are disgusting and shameful" Helpful hint.......Do not hit the little tick box saying you agree to the terms which say nothing about special exemptions if you don't plan to honor them. OR Don't be cheap and buy a refundable ticket... STop your crying...


I may be taking a Greyhound trip in the future and am wondering if I should buy one of the more expensive "Preferred Boarding & Seating" Tickets. They are cost much more.

This is new to me, in the past I used to just make sure to get in line early, but now I am afraid that if I don't pay more that I may be forced to sit next to a vagrant that hasn't bathed in months or a cuckoo person who is arguing with the voices in their head or someone who is so obese that they take up one and a half seats and I'll have to sit with my legs in the aisle and get bumped into every time someone walks past me to go to the restroom.

I guess that I would probably be better off just finding another means to get to where I am going. And I certainly don't want to end up sitting next to someone like you either, Anonymous.