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If I could give less than a one-star rating, I would. I recently booked a trip with Greyhound and it literally could not have been a worse experience.

Their employees hate their job and it's very noticeable. I was taking a trip from southern California to the Oregon coast. We were supposed to leave at 8:30 PM on Saturday night and get to our end destination on Sunday evening at 6:30 to be able to make it to work Monday morning. When we checked in at the Bakersfield station, the guy working the front counter told me, "Thank you for choosing Greyhound, we know this wouldn't be your first choice." and laughed.

The first bus that was supposed to be us picking up was late, the employees told us they didn't know where the bus was, what happened to it or if it just skipped our stop. It arrived at 11 PM. We finally got on the bus and made our way to Sacramento California where we arrived at 4:30 AM. The bus driver first told us we would be boarding a new bus in 10 minutes.

Then told us to get food at Denny's or McDonald's while we wait for the new bus, then yelled at us while we were waiting outside and said we needed to wait inside for our number to be called. We then waited inside until 6:30 AM with no info on what was happening. I called support 4 times and all they could tell me was the original schedule or told me I was calling the wrong help number but couldn't connect me to the right helpline. We were stranded.

When an employee finally came in, he was the only one working with a room FULL of angry confused people and he was no help. He said our new bus wouldn't come in until 2:50 AM. And that WE missed the bus that was supposed to pick us up so we had to wait 20+ hours for the next bus unless we could talk a different bus driver in to letting us on their bus to Eugene Oregon at 8:30 AM. Mind you that is almost 3 hours away from our end destination but we would have happily gotten on that bus if it meant getting closer to home.

So I took my new ticket to that bus driver to ask if we could board that bus at the instruction of the other employee at the front desk. That's when the driver yelled at me to, "get out of my face, I'm not dealing with you". I couldn't even get a word out, she just saw my ticket and snapped at me. No one working there cared that we paid for this trip and were stranded in a city we had never been to.

Not to mention everyone else who needed to be on that bus who also got screwed over and trust me, we saw many other people experiencing the same treatment that day. It was awful. We ended up calling my Grandpa who lives in the area, he picked us up and drove us the 8 hours home. When I contacted Greyhound for my money back, they offered me a $120 travel credit, meaning they expected me to ride with them again.

Hard no. I told them I would only accept a full refund and that I was appalled that this was an appropriate resolution to them after what their company did to us and if they wouldn't give me my money back, I would dispute the charge with my bank.. They then told me, they "would have" given me my money back if I had insisted but to continue on with my dispute and my case would be closed.

I would NEVER put my trust in this company again and urge anyone else considering it not to make the same mistake I did. Rent a car, take the train, fly, ask family for help, *** walk if you have to.

Just do not give your money to Greyhound.

They couldn't care less if they get you to where you need to go or get you there in a reasonable amount of time. You'll regret it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Greyhound Bus Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $249.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Greyhound Cons: Poor customer service, Stranded, Yelled at by employee, No refund for a trip i couldnt take at fault of them.

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Don't forget the headlice and crablice that you will get from riding on the Greyhound. Been there/done that.

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