It wouldnt be fair if I didnt review when things went better. Here is data from my return trip cross country.

86879 fresno bakersfield 8/26 9am unnecessary delay no explanation [d]

86722 la to phoenix oscar salazar [a]

86722 phoenix to albuquerque jonathan [a]

86722 albuquerque to amarillo thin white male[b]

86722 amarillo to tulsa rena incessant talking with one passenger all evening [c]

gli1364 oklahoma cty to memphis ruth [b] ltd baggage assistance

7171 [gli 1510] memphis to nashville derril martin [a] speaks slowly and clearly

7171 nashville to knoxville derrill [a]

7171 knoxville to richmond katina [a-] hot snacks drives too fast

86754 richmond to washington dc [] homeless departure point white plastic bags swift plugins

Except for the first leg of the trip which i reported previously overall greyhound gets an A- for bus safety.

For general care or comfort it gets a B+. The initial cross country was a B in safety and C- in care and comfort.

Thanks for arriving safely.

Reason of review: Good quality.

Greyhound Pros: Cheap, Looking back and laughing at my greyhound misadventures, Sightseeing.

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