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I want to share this experience with everyone who is ever planning to use Greyhound bus. This is so outrageous that I am afraid people would not believe me. But I promise - this is the truth without exaggerations. Here is what happened: I was waiting to board a bus from New York to Baltimore at around 7pm. Greyhound representatives told me to wait in the wrong line, so when I finally found out that my bus was to depart from a different gate I was probably the last person to board the bus since all the passengers were already inside. It was only me and the bus driver to whom I presented my ticket. The bus driver started to look at me with a look of a bully -as if he wanted to pick a fight. I asked him if anything was wrong. He told me he was not letting me into the bus because I looked "agressive". I thought it was not for real. To say I look agressive is equivalent to saying I "can fly" - there is not an agressive cell in me - I am a classical musician, I have a good education, was raised in Europe, I have good manners, I am a linguist and I also work with computers. The bus driver on the other hand definitely looked agressive - if I saw him on the street in the middle of the night I would run quickly. The bus driver closed the door in my face. I quickly ran for the management. The manager came, talked to that bus driver, and told me I could now board the bus. When I did my second attempt - the bus driver pointed his finger right in my face saying it was the last time he would let someone like me into the bus. I asked the driver to take his finger away from my face, to stop harrassing me and to let me into the bus. The bus driver said he was the boss here, he quickly turned away, went to "His" bus and took off leaving me stranded in New York at night.

It is not that bus driver that I want to talk about. Yes, I am sure abuse, fights, bullying is something he was rased up with. What I am upset about is how Greyhound handled my complaint. They "investigated" for months and wrote me a letter that Greyhound "does not allow aggressive people into the bus". I wrote several more letters to them and their response was the same.

I don't think I was humiliated more by anybody, any company in this world than by the way Greyhound treated me. Imagine an intelligent, sofisticated, nice person, not looking strange, not drunk or anything of that sort. And imagine a monster who looks scary, probably on drugs, uneducated, rude, nasty, a bully not letting someone like me on "his" bus. What company would not even consider the customer's point of view, and would simple take a side of an animal. My case was not even open to interpretations - it was clear beyound a shadow of a doubt.

I will tell everyone I know, every organization I know NOT to deal with Greyhound. And why would one even have to use them? There are so many new bus companies, like "Megabus" - that are very respectful, non-expensive and provide decent service. I would not be surprised if Greyhound went out of business. They deserve it.

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Can anyone out there tell us what the *** is wrong with the Richmond greyhound bus station why they never answer their phone. My son was traveling (mental health person) out of New York with a layover in Richmond when he drank some water there and threw up he was kicked out of the terminal and told by greyhound security he could not board their bus nor be on their property and left stranded in richmond with no phone, money and no where to go and ended up in jail.

What in the *** is wrong with the *** in Virginia. I tried to call and see what happened Richmond police never picked up the phone and neither did greyhound at Richmond.

If they keep this kind of attitude up down there they are going to get more than they bargain for. One day some mental health person is going to come down their as a suicide bomber, and that will be the end of that place.

The other thing is I agree greyhound needs to go out of business right away their people employees are rude and their drivers are very unprofessional.

Not all, but their is enough complaints on these websites about greyhound that I bet they have not addressed one single complaint here. i say boycott their business and some of these idiots will go out of business for good.


I think greyhound sucks not because of the driver but because of the people who ride it. The reason why the buses stink is because the people stink.

I would say 80% of the people are rude and do not take showers. I have never ran in to any problems with the drivers. Well once the driver was eating a cheeseburger and it was very scary when he was passing trucks. I would travel monthly from st Louis to Evansville in.

and the reason why I am writing this is I always wore a suit sense I was always cutting it close to arrive to my job. My suggestion give the driver your ticket get on the bus dont talk to anyone!

One more funny thing, once I would get off the bus in st Louis I would get on the metro train. It felt like a releife to be on it.

Always felt safer, and the people where cleaner! Know how sad is that lol.

But if you dont have the money suck it up take the bus. Never go more then 8 hours though you can sometimes fly cheaper then riding.


greyhound is not just a company evil dwells there


This is as simple as that. Their employees, be it costumer service or drivers are *** that you will not find nowhere else in an unbelievable measures.


Tasha, It sounds like YOU work for Greyhound. :roll


Obviously we are not getting the whole story here.