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good morning ! my name is jacques pierre.

i have a CDL "B" with "P passinger endorsment . I drove school bus for over 4 yrs, federal prison and state prison bus inter state for over 15 yrs. im interested in working with greyhound bus as a bus driver. i"m available to word anywhere, any time and any place.

i can be reach at {{Redacted}}. feel free to contact me at any time. im looking forward to working with your company. im very reliable.

my resume is available upon request.

P.S. pls. you can either text or email the the information as far as where to locate the application.

my email address is {{Redacted}}. i

Your great attention towards this matter is greatly appreciated.

Reason of review: seeking driver position.

Preferred solution: find a job.

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Dear Folks At Pissed Off Consumer, I tried to tell my story of how the black Greyhound Bus driver said "It's better To Keep Your mouth Shut And Be thought A Fool, Than To Open It Up And Remove All Doubt" I figured that yall probably didn't print it because yall thought that i made it up. Well, I can assure you, he did say it.

And it only goes to show the general lack of respect and disdain that your typical Greyhound driver has for it's customers. I arrived in Key West on the very first day of spring like March 20th, 2005 so the driver that took me from Houston to Mobile that said that was probablt driving me like a day or so before. Now, I can understand not knowing where all those places are. In the 5th Grade my teacher made us learn all 50 state capitals, and for the life of me, I just took me forever.

But, after attending the college of Hard Knocks, I learned where all the cities and state capitals and states are by actually going to them and have experiences there. So I can draw a map of the United States with all of the cities and capitals from memory now. Now I understand the some people have lived very easy, sheltered lives, and cannot name all of these places, and I can understand that. But I swear to god that that Greyhound Bus driver said that, and before he said it he said that he was quoting something from the bible.

I didn't include that, because I have never seen that in the bible. But he was funny because he demonstrated what many greyhound employees and drivers have demonstrated to me over the years, that they think that I am stupid, without me even saying a word to them. I always behave myself on the bus, and I respect others. But I had to laugh when he said that because it just proved what I already knew.

through Greyhound employees actions, they demonstrate to thousands of people all over america, every single day, that they think that their customers are real stupid. God Bless America, and Shame On Greyhound, and that African American Driver, that drove me from Houston to Mobile, really did say that as we were passing through Lafayette , Louisiana around the 19th of March, 2005 give or take a day.