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Once I rod ethe Greyhound from Burlington, Vermont to Hollywood, California. (In December 1993) The ticket cost $149 one way.

The first leg of the trip was on Vermont Bus Lines and at one of the stops in Vermont the driver was gone a long time and he came back and asked me if I was the passenger traveling to California. He said that he and the other driver were trying to figure out how much my ticket was per mile. The ticket said 2,999 total miles. Now THAT'S a trip.

Halfway through my ordeal, I decided to get a room at the Motel 6 in Oklahoma City since it was about halfway through the trip and since we were arriving in Oklahoma City in the morning. They let me check into the room early even though my room hadn't been cleaned yet. While I was in the shower the maids (a man and a woman) came banging on my door. I told them through the door that I couldn't answer the door because I was busy and I was naked.

Later, when they came back to clean the room, the smartalecky young man said "If Your ears are burning, it's because people have been talking about you!" The room was so-so sucky, but after being on the bus for about 1,500 miles it was a welcome relief to be able to move around and not to have a smelly unwashed weirdo crammed up next to me. (How come I never can get squashed next to a great smelling beautiful lady?) At any rate, the next morning after my Motel 6 stay, I got a taxi back to the Greyhound and continued my nightmare journey to Hollywood, California. I spent the last of my money getting a Big Breakfast at Mickey D's in Flagstaff, Arizona and arrived in Hollywood penniless. I tried to check myself in to a nut ward but they told me that I had to wait on the couch in the waiting room until the doctor could see me.

I layed down and fell asleep, and in the morning I got up and got out of there. I called up my friend Michelle back in Burlington, Vermont and was able to convince her to go down to the Vermont Bus Station and pay for me a ticket back that I could pick up at the Hollywood Greyhound Bus Station. So after just making a nightmare 2,999 mile journey across the United States, here I was "Back Jack Do It Again" making the same nightmare 3,000 mile trip in reverse. Only on the way back I went Hollywood to Los Angeles To Albuquerque to Amarillo To Oklahoma City To St.Louis To Colombus, Ohio to Cleveland To Albany to Burlington, Vermont.

The way that I had came out to California was Burlington, To Albany To Cleveland To Chicago to St.Louis To Oklahoma City To Amarillo To Albuquerque To Los Angeles To Hollywood. Approximately 6,000 miles of Greyhound Torture in less than a week's time. The whole ride back was with no stopovers at any kind of Roach Motel and I was penniless the whole ride back. I had to suffer at every meal stop smelling everyone eating their Boogers and loudly smacking their chips.

It's a good thing that I went back to Vermont. I remember that early in 1994 there was the Northridge earthquake in L.A.

and I could very well have been injured in it if I had stayed. So when I get on Pissed Consumer and talk about Greyhound and give advice and/or leave comments, it's coming from a very Seasoned Veteran who has suffered through everything that Greuyhound has been known to throw your way.

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Who knows what might have been if you would have been seen by the doctor and admitted for treatment, instead of taking that zany trip back to Vermont. You could have ended up being a very successful actor or actress in Hollywood.


I'm the person who wrote the above review. I remember that it actually took 9 days altogether from start to finish.

I starved the whole ride home and the reason that I didn't ask people for food or money is because EVERY time I ride Greyhound I always have a bunch of people trying to get me to give them money and I didn't want to do that to other people. I remember that by the time that I got to Missouri on the way back that I was incredibly weak from hunger. I was squashed against the very large man sitting next to me and it truly was a nightmare. The only upside to it was that because I wasn't eating or drinking anything, I didn't have to go to the nasty restroom at the back of the bus and have to step through all of the legs hanging out in the aisle.

And also, back then (1993) when you rode the bus, you could stop over in places like I did in Oklahoma City, but I believe if you tried to do that now that they would want to make you pay $20 extra to continue on your trip with the same ticket after your motel stay. Also, I read that they discontinued the Greyhound Discovery Pass (AMERIPASS when I used them). Those were good because you didn't have to stay with the same idiots the entire ride across the country and you could go through cities that you liked or through states that you had never been before along the way. Once when I had an Ameripass, I would have been stuck in San Francisco for many many hours because the roads had been washed out on the route I was taking to Eureka.

So, I simply used the Ameripass that I was riding on and rode down to Los Angeles and then rode back up the next day and went through Redding and then took the bus from there west to Eureka. Riding the bus sure did beat the hail out of just milling around the very sleazy and sketchy San Francisco Greyhound. Anyway, I think that one should always ride the Greyhound bus prepared with plenty of drinks and food and snacks and that you should always bring along hand sanitizer, wet wipes, toilet paper, Lysol Disenfectant Spray and Lice Spray and it really is a good idea to have some kind of listening device to take with you. I always would take a Walkman and tapes with me to listen to and it helped to make the trip much more enjoyable.

Many times the bus would be where it didn't pick up a radio station so having the tapes along made it so I could always listen. Also it is good to have alot of good reading materials with you. I would always buy newspapers to read along the way. I met alot of very interesting characters over the years that I used to ride Greyhound alot.

I've seen lots of people get taken off the bus by the police and lots of people denied boarding because they were obviously intoxicated. And I saw and smelled many passengers who not only had hygiene issues but also had mental health issues as well. I saw lots of passengers who had just got released from some kind of institution who were carrying all of their belongings around in black garbage bags. And lots of people loudly talking about how they had just gotten released from jail or prison.

Often these same people would have some kind of alcoholic beverage with them and they would get put off the bus because they were so loud and obnoxious. They couldn't even manage to stay out of trouble for a few hours after getting released. I have had several instances of the bus driver suddenly slamming on the brakes and everyone would laugh when a bunch of beer bottles would go rolling to the front of the bus and stop right next to the driver. I think that they should have a "PEOPLE OF GREYHOUND" website, just like they have the one for the people of Wal-Mart.

Lots of Zany Characters. And also I have seen and smelled many homeless individuals riding the Greyhound.

I think that some of them would just buy an Ameripass and live on the bus. Riding Greyhound SURE IS A TRIP!!!!!