Yes my issue has still not been solved and very upset with this I lost everything I owned in three suitcases and a duffel bag I came here with hopes of starting a new life to end up with nothing and it's cold here I'm from Florida where it's warm I've had no clothes no shoes nothing to keep me warm not a jacket I only had the outfit I had on me and my laptop everything else I owned was in that suitcases and I lost it all thanks to Greyhound so if you want me to review it it's not going to be a good review and I'm very upset that nothing has been done about it and I've been here and Lynchburg Virginia with nothing everybody else sleeps well at night everybody else is resting while they have closed they have panties they have high jeans I have nothing and not a dollar to my name I don't recommend bringing luggage if that's all you have left you should send it US Postal mail I paid for 3 extra luggages they would not be on the bus when I got off

User's recommendation: I begg you to try to send your suitcases through the mail if it is all u own because I lost my home of 25yrz because of covid19 to get on a bus an put the last of my life to only get it ripped from me well I think you understand. But the bus driver they was truly awesome they care and seen I wasn't doing well and they cared.

Location: Lynchburg, Virginia

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