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Today the bus from nashville to memphis was really slow on purpose it seems. driver drove about 40-45mph when originally said he would get us there in three hours.

he made no attempt to accommodate connecting bus to dallas and at least 10 people had to make new arrangements. the cafetaria breakfast seemed great the pancakes were huge but several hours later got diarrhea. overheard one cook telling the other dont go saying we are raesist when we do this nice cooking. hmmm.

seems i seen the other dude got some nice dark round cakes. it could have been the syrup or melted styrofoam too.

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  • food born illness
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Boarded at Dallas at midnight. Sat second row.

Across the aisle a woman who also had two seats to herself asked if she could use the drink holder in my sideseat. It was dark on the bus, most passengers were trying to sleep but she was having a full meal. For what I felt wrre safety reasons I said no. She then told the extra driver sitting in the front row.

Without questioning me I think I heard her say "I'll make sure she will exit the bus at the next stop!" Since I couldnt believe they were talking about me I continued to sleep. At Fort Worth the extra driver told the driver she thought I shoukd get off the bus.I explained why I didnt want to share. "One person, one seat" she said. I then moved to the seat with the drink holder but she said, no its too late.

Besides thats not the way it works. Both drivers proceeded to kick me off the bus. I view this as discriminatory. If I were asking the person across the aisle to use the her drink holder and she said no, ni way would these drivers be kicking her off for my sake!

Also she probably did have drink holders if she didnt have three other bags with her. Often they have elastic band straps. Many a time Ive made do without a drink holder. Because of this discrimination and yes I did accuse the driver of being razist he hastened me off even faster.

Anyway by some "muracle" they scraped up enough pity to let me on the next bus 4 hrs later. In a Greyhound crisis its better to get off and reboard ://


When I used to ride the Greyhound bus, all of the passengers would simply toss all of their garbage on the floor when they were done eating.And people would keep stepping in it and it would roll all around the floor and you would end up with chewing gum stuck to your shoes.


LOL...No one cares.


Agreed just like in the last days of Rome. No more standards or human beings just chaos everywhere.