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I am on a Greyhound bus right now number 2510. Holy *** this bus smells so bad. The bathroom toilet is open and has to piece that covers that hole that everything goes down . I have asthma and am literally stuffing my head inside my Carry on bag because my lungs are...
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One time I was riding the Greyhound bus to Los Angeles and we were somewhere out in the desert in either Arizona or California and It was extremely cold on the bus and I was f...

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I cannot imagine what's happening with Greyhound buses. I am currently on a 6:30pm bus from NYC to Mt. Laurel, NJ. Today is Saturday, July 28, 2018. First, the bus was late because, "they did not have a driver for the bus and were waiting to get one." Finally a driver...
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You lay down with filthy, stinky, greyhound passengers, you get up smelling like one.


My mama said that back in the 1950's when she used to ride the bus that there wasn't any restrooms on them and that you had to wait until they stopped somewhere if you needed ...

Greyhound bus 1:00p on Sunday July 8, 2018 from Ithaca, NY to NYC: starting with two obnoxious and unhelpful counter women at the Ithaca bus station. Then the bus: shabby, unclean, elect outlets did not work, a/c was harsh, two metal rings at the bottom of my seat...
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You talk about Greyhound being "Slow and Shabby" like it is something unusual, out of the ordinary. What you describe is typical of all Greyhound Buses.

I didn't like
  • Shabby bus and the worst customer service
My purse fell out in the overhead compartment on the bus
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my mama said that back in the 1950's when she would ride the bus that she used to climb up into the overhead bins and sleep up there. she said that she went inside the termina...

Greyhound - Usually OK - Today Terrible
7/3/2018. The bus has a bathroom which is faulty and the whole bus smells like *** and urine. Everyone on the bus, bus #86163, 6:39pm bus from NYC to Mt. Laurel, NJ, has a frown of disgust in their faces. The smell is so unbearable. It's so unbearable that I had to...
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Next time you should be sure to take along some air-freshener like Febreeze that eliminates the other, not just covers it up. Also maybe a can of Lysol Disenfectant for the Ba...

Purchased ticket (conf number 76642683) on Bus driver refused boarding saying that greyhound should not have sold ticket for his bus. That he rejects those tickets daily and only accepts tickets from Short Lines and Megabus. I was forced to use...
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I didn't like
  • Sold the ticket that was not honored
Every stop the driver was late added stops to my rout this company needs shut down every one there is stupid and i should get my money back cost me 3000
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Maybe they should cut out all of those "45 minute meal stops at McDonalds". That would save an hour off of the trip right there. And they should probably cut out all of the sm...

My email to Greyhound that bounced back as undeliverable ... I am writing to inform you on how appalled and disappointed I am with Greyhound Bus Lines customer service - phone and how passengers were treated. My mother, a senior citizen, was scheduled to depart New...
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I didn't like
  • Late depatures
  • Poor service

Greyhound in Brooklyn, New York - Refund issue

I am writing to make a huge complaint against greyhound for the troubles of me receiving my travel voucher. I purchased my tickets back in May 2016 confirmation number 89193553. I mailed in my tickets in June 2016 and still as of yet received my travel voucher. I am very frustrated and disappointed with the customer service hotline that specializes with the refund. They are not helpful and when asked to speak with a supervisor or manager no one is around to accept my call. This is not good for business. I am at a point now to where I am ready to sue this company for a full refund. I do not even want a travel voucher in return anymore due to the lack of assistance and the long waiting period. My refund number is 127983. It should not take this long to receive anything and every time I call they keep stating they are waiting for the back end to put it in the system which makes no sense waiting from June-November and still nothing. I need to hear back from someone in charge regarding this matter. Thelma Tanner
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  • Customer service
  • Greyhound

Greyhound in New York, New York - Horrible service ever!

I bought the ticket but realized I would not need it, so I tried to get refund. First of all, their refund system is so annoying. I thought I could get refund online or phone call, but they asked me to mail it to Dallas office, and the person on the phone was so unfriendly and somehow annoyed to deal with me. It was annoying that I had to mail (and pay extra money for mailing!!), but I did it anyway because the ticket was expensive and worth getting refund. I attached my actual ticket and letter that indicating my request for refund and my contact information, as they state on their website. I used the tracking mailing, so I know that my mail was delivered soon after (about 5 days) to their office. And I have been waiting for about a month, and I do not hear anything from them and get no refund. So I just called them, but the guy on the phone was so useless! I have the picture of my ticket, so I told him what the confirmation number was, and he said he could not find any information coming up. He also asked my name, I told him my name but not how to spell my name. My name is not common, so general people ask how to spell, but he did not confirm it. So I just assume he put whatever the spell he thought and saying no information found. Of course not if you enter wrong name! He finally explained they may be taking a while dealing with all refund so I just need to wait. But I have been waiting almost a month and they never opened my mail or enter info into the system!? I really doubt that I will get refund ever. Even though I take my time preparing for mailing and putting extra money for tracking mail, it worth nothing and I just lost money! They are such thieve! Never gonna use this horrible service again.