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One time when I was riding the Greyhound Bus, in the wake of 9/11, I was in line for a bus inside of the Houston, Texas Greyhound Bus Station. The security officers were hassling and hounding everyone and looking through people's bags and stuff.

One gentleman who was wearing a real huge backpack full of canned goods became pissed off when the security officers made him empty out everything onto the floor. He said that it took him a long time to get everything packed in there just right and now he had to go through all of that to repack it. The Black Gentleman Greyhound Driver laughed at the scene and started teasing the backpack guy saying "What, if the bus breaks down on the side of the road everybody's going to go hungry except for you?" The Backpack Guy started saying "YOU'RE GONNA HEAR FROM MY LAWYER!" real loud, over and over again until the Black Lady Security Guard asked him "Do you even have a bus ticket??? Let me see your bus ticket!" and then the Backpack Guy started to cry and tears were pouring down his face and his face was all red.

One Young Lady who was in line said that it was a good thing that they didn't search through her stuff, because they would have thought that she was going to try to blow up the bus. It was just awful what they put passengers through, and it made the whole unpleasant Greyhound experience even more unbearable. Next time I ride the Magic Bus, I think that I will Splurge and buy Two Tickets so that I don't have to have some gross unwashed and stinky passenger squashed up against me for hours.

Easily worth the extra $200 for the additional ticket. Also, I think that I'll carry along a can of Lysol Disenfectant Spray and some Clorox Wipes for the bathroom and a can of Rid or Nix Lice Spray to Spray down my seat with before sitting down on it.

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