I bought a ticket Montreal-New York back and forth. On the way to new-York it was fine, The seat was not confortable but at least we were on time.

On the way back we had ticket for 1030PM departure from NYC et Montreal. After 40 minutes late for the 1030PM boarding, we asked to a GH employee what was going on. They told us that there was no 1030PM departure...only the midnight one. The GH supervisor in NYC told us it was not her problem if the website was not accurate.

She took our names and passport number but i don,t think we'll hear from them. This bus was a non-existent one... NO apologies from bus driver.

When we arrive in Montreal, he told us he was happy to be 10 minutes earlier than planned....but for half of the but, he was 1h30 late... We've miss our connection for Quebec city bus...

Location: Laval, Quebec

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