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Hi, I have to give you a little background about me for this to make sense. I have glaucoma and no longer drive. The air fare from the nearest airport to Atlanta, Ga airport (about 200 miles away) ranges from $349 to $1004. So going short distances I am stuck with using Greyhound.

On Sept 8th 2018 trying to go from Orlando, Fl to Miami Fl. I and some other people

were taken off the bus line that was for the Miami bus. They let the other line load on the bus. When we protested they told us to "shut up and do what you're told" I told them I had to be on that bus so that I could get to my cruise ship on time. "They said too bad!" I told them I am a senior citizen and am to be boarded 1st not last. They said "Nope it doesn't work like that." They say if I didn't shut up they would call security. I said "Great, I'll help" I yelled for security too!

The bus *** and leaves a group of people behind. One black couple from one of the islands around Aruba also got stuck there. He needed to catch a plane in Fort Lauderdale. He ask to use the phone. They told him "No, you should have brought a cell phone." The couple and I shared a lyft so they could catch their plane in Fort Lauderdale and I could catch my ship in Miami. On the return trip to Orlando; a lady who spoke spanish was allow to use their phone. So I guess if you are not Latino in Orlando you don't get to use the bus or telephone!

Any lawyer who wants to start a class action lawsuit against Greyhound for this, please let me know.

The other thing about Greyhound is that they are late 50% of the time! I was in Panama City beach, Fl station. They got on the P.A. system and said the bus will be delay by 10 minutes. Then it was 15 minutes. Then it was 45 minutes. Then he finally got on the P.A. system and said "I'll just stop lying to you. We have no idea when the bus will leave. We have no bus driver to drive the bus."

When I went to Ohio it was going to be on just one bus. Off the bus goes, when we get close to the station we find out the station is close because no one came to work! So the bus had to go to another station, where we had to get rerouted. Now I had to take five buses to get there. All I did that day was get on the bus with my luggage, get off the bus with my luggage, get on the next bus with my luggage, get off the bus with my luggage, get on the next bus with my luggage, get off the bus with my luggage; I guess that's Greyhound's version of the "Silver Sneakers" program for us senior citizens. For the young people out there who didn't get the joke, Google it.

They get away with this nonsense because there is no law saying they have to be on time. When you pay money in good faith there should be an understanding that Greyhound will get you there on time more than 50% of the time!!!

For a limited time I can be reached at:

Product or Service Mentioned: Greyhound Bus Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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You talk about your experience like it is unusual. What you describe is typical of any long distance greyhound trip you take, in one fashion or the other.

Very rude, disrespectful, dirty, uncomfortable, rip-off prices. I've had much worse happen to me on greyhound.