This is a general complaint about how Greyhound operates. On Sun recently at about 12 Noon I delivered my grand-daughter to the Port Authority in NYC to catch a 12:30PM bus to Syracuse that she'd booked on line.

From what she tells me the lines where horrendous. Greyhound had clearly OVERBOOKED. She did not get on a bus until about 2:40PM. Unbelievable!

What's the point of booking? On top of that when the bus got to Scranton, the folks who booked for Syracuse were faced with no seats. They were given the choice of waiting until the Syracuse-bound bus returned to get them or they could stand for the 2-hour trip to Syracuse. Outrageous!

When Greyhound knows it is going to have heavy traffic as it must have known just based on the bookings that are done online and the endless lines my grand-daughter experienced, why isn't Greyhound required to add buses? How dare Greyhound accept a booking and then ignore it! This is unacceptable. If this were the airlines, they'd be penalized heavily.

Doesn't anyone regulate buses????? If not, why not?

Product or Service Mentioned: Greyhound Bus Service.

Location: New York, New York

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My daughter's Grayhoud bus recently left her stranded at a closed bus terminal in the evening from overbooking. The worst part was that the bus driver said there would be another bus coming; the next bus did not arrive until 8am the next morning.


I booked the Greyhound online from SanDiego to Sacramento. I was hoping to get as much time as I could with my daughter in Sacramento.

My itinerary was from SanDiego, L.A., Oakland to Sacramento. I catch the bus from SanDiego to L.A. and the bus bound for Oakland is overbooked. I had to wait about 2hrs to catch the other one and I got to Sacramento 4hrs behind the scheduled time.

They treated me as though I came late. I could see and accident or even the bus arriving late. But overbooking is unacceptable.

I want to get together with some people to file a claim of some kind against greyhound. I missed my daughters doctors appointment because of this overbooking and that's not right.


Two weeks ago, on a Friday, I went to East Lansing Michigan from Detroit for a job interview. I was to return on the 5:55 bus.

When the bus arrived, it took only 10 passengers, even though about 40-50 were waiting at the depot. Another bus came at 6:55, but just stopped to let one person off and took no passengers. That was the last bus of the day. The driver said he called and that a bus would be sent, but it never came.

I wound up spending over $100 for a hotel and getting a bus the next morning.

Of course, I try to call Greyhound customer service and the line has been busy. :cry :cry


The Tuesday before Thanksgiving my step son was coming to New Jersey from Emporia Virginia via Richmond. When he got to Richmond to transfer buses, he was informed that his trip to Philadelphia was overbooked and had to take a bus 2 hours later.

Instead of getting in at 12:15AM, his bus got in 2:15AM which required me to arrive in Philadelphia at this terrible hour and then drive another hour home. This was a very dangerous trip that never should be allowed.

I believe that Greyhound should be required to provide refunds similar to the airlines :? :cry


Yes, airlines do it all the time. HOWEVER, airlines are required to reimburse you if you are bumped from a flight because of overbooking.

Greyhound should have to do the same.

They are overselling popular times and then pushing customers onto less desirable times so that they fill their buses. Worst service ever.


Airlines do it all the time! It's common practice.

Don't see why Greyhound can't do it also. It helps insure that the bus/plane isn't leaving partially filled.


Wohohoooo.... *** you.

I say this while stranded in the middle of *** nowhere with no bus and no options. Overbooking is a *** practice. Even if airlines are allowed to do it, that doesnt make buses doing it acceptable.

No one should be able to use this greedy practice. It is inherently dishonest.

*** yourself.

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