I bought tickets online for my daughter 2 weeks ago to take a Greyhound bus tonight. She showed up on time, checked in, was waiting in line to get on the bus, and then was told the bus was full & she would have to wait for another bus to arrive. She asked security when the next bus would be there (there were a number of other people waiting for the same bus & they were told the same thing). He told her they were cleaning another bus & he couldn't tell her how long, but it would be sometime tonight. After an hour or so, she decided to wait in the customer service line to find out how long it would be, waited in said line for over 1/2 an hour, and then was told that the next bus is not leaving until tomorrow morning - 12 hours later!!

You have absolutely GOT to be kidding me!!

I bought tickets for a specific date and time in advance for a reason. If this is supposed to be a "first come, first served basis," then it should state that. It's absolutely not okay for them to do this.

Plus, their customer service line is only open Monday thru Friday. So you can't even call anyone to complain during other hours.

Review about: Greyhound Bus Service.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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I had the same problem 2 years ago.I bought online ticket from New Britain CT to NYC for a specific date and time.

There were couple of people waiting for the bus which arrived on time. The bus driver took 2 people and told for the rest of them that they have to wait for another bus as there were no seat available. The next bus was in four hours. I called consumer support and they could not refund my ticket, and disconnected me twice.

Finally I placed the complain online and after 4 months they finally refunded my ticket.

Just today 5/5/2014 my friend had the same problem, they sold more tickets than seats in the bus.The driver told her to seat next to a lady with small child. 3 people on two seats! My friend refused and noticed that 2 people could not enter the bus as there was not enough seats.

It's amazing and impossible to understand how company in these days can treat customers.The management should be replaced by some more competent people.

Pennsauken Township, New Jersey, United States #782453

Since my billing rate is $401 an hour, my loss would have been $4812. I think I could have flown first class cheaper than waiting overnight if Greyhound lied to me and did not really clean a bus for the overflow passengers, when no one should be credited for overbooking that bus other than the Queen of Chaos itself--Greyhound Bus Lines, fouling up people's lives for a century.

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