Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I purchased a ticket without my veterans advantage discount because conveniently the systems being down that day wouldn't allow me to use it. I purchased a ticket for a 715 bus route but that bus didn't get there until almost 9 pm.

I switched my ticket to 345 am so I can get cash that was wired to me for food since I got hungry and knew I wouldn't have been able to get it at any other greyhound I was scheduled to stop at. My friends invited me out for dinner since my bus was leaving in 5 hours. I got tipsy yes, and I'm not proud. However hours later I woke up at the greyhound ready to board my bus and i was informed that I couldn't board the bus until 7 am since I was drunk earlier.

But what makes this a *** experience was how rude and ugly the manager Doug was towards me.... as if I was turning tricks there. This is the Pittsburgh greyhound by the way. He told his flashlight cop if I made a fuss to kick me out.

He was that harsh. When I was taking names to call complaints dept at greyhound, the security guard and one of the workers there wouldn't give me his name. I had to awkwardly ask him which was stressful since I didn't feel comfortable talking to him as rude as he was to me earlier. I am filing a suit against this greyhound.

They got me to Pittsburgh two hours late because they give their drivers google maps direction. They are not on point.

Product or Service Mentioned: Greyhound Bus Service.

Monetary Loss: $122.

  • disorganized
  • harsh
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