232 Forsyth St SW, Atlanta, GA 30303, USA
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Hello this complaint is about poor service at the forsyth location downtown Atlanta the workers are over worked management sucks its not a safe environment, people have been shot at, the homeless has taken over this place, you have one worker cooking food, running the register, cleaning up its obvious that this is too much for one person, the customers are very concerned the buses are broke down the wait is unbearable no one is there to answer any questions , management treat their workers like they are less than human I will be contacting the news on help with this issue. Please send some one to check this issue out, I will follow up on this issue I will be sending a team to gather more information , these people who work there are people who are trying to provide for their families

Product or Service Mentioned: Greyhound Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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The local news station and bus depot manger can not be much help,Only upper manadgment in Dallas,TX. can do anything.


Ah, Yes. I have been through the Atlanta Greyhound bus station many, many times.

I remember their gift shop where they have a model of a Greyhound Bus for sale, and I thought to myself "Who The Freak Would Want To Have That Around Their House?" I remember how Doggone high the prices of the food and drink and snacks were inside of the Atlanta Greyhound Station, so I walked to a nearby convinience store to get some food and drink and there was an extremely aggressive panhandler than follwed me both inside and outside the store, hounding me for money the whole time. I was real scared that he was going to all of a sudden start mugging me, so I high-tailed it back inside the Greyhound.

I remember looking at the prices and thinking "Wow! Greyhound's prices are just like when you go to the movie theater and want to get a large popcorn, large coke and some candy it is like "Whoa!" Greyhounds Prices Are Too Doggone High!