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I made the horrible mistake of sending my wife from Tulsa to Dallas. I purchased the ticket on-line, opting for "Priority Boarding".

I expected some of the passengers to be a bit different from those I have traveled with by airline for the last 30 years. Nothing could have prepared us for what we found upon entering the station. I am truly sorry if I offend anyone, I understand that there are all types of people, but the scene was like that of an insane asylum. People were talking to themselves, one man yelling and gesturing two fingers of his hand like a gun to unseen companions.

While at the counter, the attendant, a very friendly African-American with long black and red braids saw this and told us that she "would not be letting that man on-board". I sat with my wife while the continuing passengers re-boarded the bus, and waited for further instructions. She then announced the boarding call and everyone lined up, with no mention of "Priority Boarding". I asked the attendant about this and was told that you can't do that on-line and that you must pay the fee at the station at EACH bus change.

I would not mind, but there was no reason for me to know this detail, so there really is no service provided by making this purchase. While only an extra $5.00, it is still dishonest of Greyhound to sell this on-line with no mention of the actual process. After the bus departed, I left for home. Within 20 minutes of leaving, my wife calls to tell me that the driver is lost and is asking the passengers for directions and has pulled off the road into a parking lot to turn around.

Not only that, but the man who was not to board had taken the seat across the isle from my wife. I called the Tulsa office to complain and was told that because of construction the driver must have gotten lost. When I asked about the man in question, she said that the driver must have let him board and gave me a number for customer service (214) 849-8966. My wife said the driver was a woman named Laquisha.

In addition to the drivers attempts to keep the peace and find her way down the road, she also said getting lost was going to put her over her allowed hours. My wife called back in fear because the man was yelling, using vulgar cursing and jumping around, while the driver and other passengers yelled and cursed back at him. She just now called again when she changed buses in OKC, she is terrified and fearful for her safety. I believe that Greyhound has a responsibility to keep dangerous persons off their bus.

The bus is an enclosed space that a passenger has no where to run in the case of danger and the driver has the added responsibility of keeping the bus on the road. When things like tonight are allowed to happen it is a no-win situation. After leaving OKC she has let me know that things are quiet now. I took the time to call the customer service number and waited 15 minutes on hold, which is pretty good considering.

The service person was kind and listened to me explain my experience for 25 minutes. I asked if she needed any other information and she asked if she could transfer me to her supervisor so I would get the best service and I could tell her my story. REALLY all 25 minutes. It's not like I was working from a script.

I don't have the energy to retell it if I could. I asked her if the calls are recorded and she confirmed that they are. I told her to pass along the recording to the head of customer service. She asked if I wanted to request a refund....huh?

Who cares about the money, what I want is to take all of this back, call into work sick in the morning from Dallas.

I do not and will never try again. I will always tell this story, maybe not 25 minutes of it....and if I ever hear anyone considering Greyhound I will resoundingly encourage them not to use Greyhound, which is also Trailways.

Reason of review: Several as reviewed.

Monetary Loss: $65.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Greyhound Pros: Counter person in tulsa.

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