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They should sentence prisoners to riding the Greyhound bus from San Antonio to El, Paso & back again with layovers in Fort Stockton, of course, for their punishment. If they get 30 days in jail, for 30 days stick their *** on an old Dilapidated, Uncomfortable Greyhound Bus and make them ride Sardine City style from San Antonio to El, Paso & back again every day of their sentence.

i bet that would straighten them out from their criminal ways. may Cons actually enjoy being in jail being able to play cards and watch TV and share stories about their criminal adventures. They enjoy having "Three Hots & a Cot" So, they really don't worry, or are all that scared about being caught, because they like being in there.

But you put their *** of that Insanely Boring ride from San Antonio To El Paso and back again every day for 30 days, I bet you that they would turn over "A New Leaf" and be law abiding Citizens. God Bless America & God Bless Greyhound!

Product or Service Mentioned: Greyhound Bus Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Or, they could just load them all into a parked Greyhound Bus and make them sit there all day without ever going anywhere.


That wouldn't work because there are laws against Cruel and Unusual Punishment! It would cost the taxpayers more money because all of the inmates that had been on the bus would have be be committed to the nuthouse for losing their minds!