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Bed to talk to someone. What does that mean???


Once when I was riding the Greyhound Bus, we were stopped in Tucson and some church lady came aboard the bus and handed each one of us a paper sack lunch with a sandwich, a little bag of chips and an apple and a little carton of juice. i was sitting in the very last seat of the bus and the passenger next to me was cuckoo and didn't respond to the lady, so she just set his lunch down on the seat next to me.

I was ravenously hungry, as I had no money and after i devoured my lunch, I noticed that the cuckoo passenger sitting next to me never even noticed or realized that there was a paper bag lunch next to him.

I figured that he would just get off the bus and the lunch would go to waste, so since he obviously wasn't going to eat it, i ate that paper bag lunch too. If I hadn't eaten it, it just would have gone to waste.

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