2910 N Boulevard, Richmond, VA 23230, USA
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First I Had a 9hr Delay In Richmond VA Because Drivers Was On Strike, But No One Would Tell Us Anything Had To Find Out From Another Driver and customer. Then we had a bus driver that had never taken the rout we was on and had got lost along the way so pushed us back more for a delay.

Product or Service Mentioned: Greyhound Bus Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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My friend, that's why I recommend buying a one week Ameripass if you are going to be taking a cross country trip. That way, if a bus isnn't running a certain route due to bad weather, or you're stuclk with the same group of idiots for the entire trip, you can switch it up and go another way to your destination.

Once. I saved myself for being stuck for days in a station, by simply taking an alternative route and that alone was worth the extra $40 or so that my Ameripass cost me.


I recently looked up a Greyhound fare and saw that they have different tiers of pricing. They have basic Economy which is the cheapest.

then they have two other tiers that are pricier, but give you priority boarding. I used to always rush to get to be one of the first people in line so that I could get a halfway decent seat. Many a time I would score a great seat, and then after the bus would leave, somebody would come up to me and ask me to switch seats with them, to a horrible sitting next to a slob, so that they could be together with their family member. If I would refuse, they would harrass me and get other passengers to harrass me until I would give up my seat, just so that i could be left the hail alone, and I would be stuck sitting in half a seat, next to a slob weighing 400 pounds taking up 1 and a half seats, and they hadn't washed in quite some time either.

The next time that happens, I will call out to the driver for assistance.

If they had wanted seats together, they should have rushed to get the first place in line like I did. I will NEVER give up my seat again if someone tries to make me give it up so that they can sit with their family.