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Greyhound - Scam!!!!
I purchased a ticket for transportation from Phoenix, AZ to Santa Ana, CA. There was an option to upgrade to economy extra which allowed the ability to change bus times on the same day of travel. Since I wasn’t sure what time we would be ready to leave, I selected and...
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One time I was Hitch-Hiking across America and It was taking a real long time to get home. I got let off somewhere in Indiana and I picked up a pay-phone and called up my mama long distance and asked her to pray with me that God would make a miracle happen and get me a...
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One time when I was riding the Greyhound Bus, in the wake of 9/11, I was in line for a bus inside of the Houston, Texas Greyhound Bus Station. The security officers were hassling and hounding everyone and looking through people's bags and stuff. One gentleman who was...
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I will like to get a full refund on both my tickets from Los Angeles to Ft Texas Amarillo Tx to Los Angeles. During theses trips I woke up to a passenger trying to steal my Apple Watch off my wrist told the bus driver nothing done headphones being stolen off the...
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Greyhound - Bad baggage handling

Greyhound - Bad baggage handling
I lost my baggage from Nashville to Detroit, everything inside is new.. many times contact Greyhounds office.. : put a complain... Justin the Detroit claim baggage clerk was helpful.still waiting for response.

Greyhound - Baggage lost

Lost my big hard case purple color baggage from Nashville to Detroit,on January 15 to 16, everything in there is just brand new items...Company still looking for it... terrible.. I'm not happy at all.. Sad
This is my first time ever utilizing Greyhound. I went online to book a bus ticket for my son to return home from school from there website. It didn't give me the option of adding my son name as the passenger, yet. I selected the tickets put in the payment information...
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Walking To Jerusalem

You mean that you would actually put your son on the Greyhound bus alone? Shame on you! Someone please call Child Protective Services at once!

I didn't like
  • Bad service


You would be much better off standing at the side of the road and hitch-hiking to your destination than riding with Greyhound. With all of the money that you save on tickets you can treat whoever picks you up to a wonderful meal and a full tank of gas. Stay away from this dangerous and disreputable bus company, it sucks!

Greyhound - Special lost ticket Chicago, IL kicking out

No one answers the phone, I bought another ticket no way to inform Chicago bus service on his situation. Omaha bus statio has helped me.

Greyhound - Complaint #1427393

Problem resolved. Greyhound found my luggage and returned to me.