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Riding the Greyhound Bus is such an unpleasant experience that you should be refunded Double Your Back for the purchase price of your ticket. They pack you into their filthy buses like sardines, they keep stopping at every lick hick town along the way, they rip you off by charging "Highway R9obbery" prices for anything that you buy to eat or drink from them.

And many of their drivers are rude and disrespectful of their passengers. I've sent boxes of my stuff in the luggage compartment before to have them mysteriously not arrive when I got to my destination, even though I asked them if I needed to transfer them myself and they told me not to worry about it, that they would transfer them and that they would arrive when I did. Then several days later, I get a boxes and the tops have been ripped open and half of my stuff was ripped off. When i went to pick them up from the Greyhound Station the man who handed me my boxes said "I'm not the one who did it!" when I was upset that my boxes had been ripped open.

Greyhound has all sorts of unsavory and scary characters milling around in and around their stations. Many of them appear not to traveling anywhere, but appear to be someone local who is just milling around the station waiting for someone to leave their luggage or purse unattended. I met one man in the Greyhound Station who was very upset because he said that he had been traveling with a metal toolbox with his all of his money and valuables in it, and he left in his seat to go to the bathroom and when he came out a couple of minutes later it was gone. I met one real nice lady who said that she set her purse down briefly to get something from one of their gyp vending machines, and she said that a sketchy looking character that she had seen milling around quickly snatched her purse and ran.

She said that she started after him screaming for help but she said that "He was running like a Jack Rabbit" and quickly got away before anyone could stop him. I have met many other people who had luggage mysteriously disappear from the bus or have had their carry one luggage stolen when they left in on the bus to go inside to eat at one of the meal stops. A few times when the bus stopped over in Indio, California for a meal stop, the driver told everyone to listen up. He said that he was locking the doors after we got off the bus to go eat and that everyone had to wait until the meal stop was over before he would let us back onto the bus, because he said that there had been numerous cases of local theives boarding the bus at the meal stop while everyone was inside and alot of people had had their belongings ripped off.

Greyhound very often shows an uncaring, disrespectful attitude towards it's customers. Greyhound's entire business model is designed around ripping off poor and low income people. They should be ashamed of themselves. Riding Greyhound is like stepping inside the Twilight Zone: All kinds of real weird stuff happens, stuff so strange that you couldn't make it up.

Nightmare Stuff. I would strongly advise the general public to steer clear and stay away of Greyhound. Also, when they service the buses, they fuel them and sweep up all of the garbage that the slobs throw all over the floor, but they don't vacuum the seats or anything. i have caught headlice on numerous occasions from taking real long Greyhound trips.

And Greyhound has no sympathy for someone who has become unable to take a trip because they have been in a car accident and are hospitalized. No Refund, No Exceptions, no Class, No Basic Human Compassion.

Shame on You Greyhound. You should change your name to "Pitt Bull" Buslines.

Product or Service Mentioned: Greyhound Baggage Policy.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Greyhound Pros: Drivers who made me laugh by telling jokes, Church people who gave us free sack luches in tucson, That god answered my prayers kept me from dying on bus, Cute picture of the greyhound on their logo.

Greyhound Cons: All of the scary looking characters milling around the station, Creepy atmosphere of the entire premises outside and inside, Catching headlice from the filthy seats, All of the 45 minute mcdonalds meal stops, Disgusting smell of the buses.

  • Due A Refund
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