New Castle, Delaware
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I was waiting in priority boarding and wanted to make sure I was in the right place because I was running to get back to priority after hearing the call (bus was very late and lady told me it had a breakdown when I asked). I asked the driver if I was in the right place to which he barked that he was doing reboards; this didn’t answer my question about if I was in the right place for my schedule.

I told him he was rude to which he barked out to me that he had answered my question. I told him he hadn’t and that I’d report him to which he arrogantly said “Go right ahead and matter of fact the manager is right over there.” This is one driver Greyhound needs to weed out. I’ve heard they are going through the process of restructuring their program so they have curtious drivers. If you have a bad experience, REPORT IT TO THE DALLAS HEADQUARTERS NOT THE LOCAL STATIONS!

I’ve noticed over the years that the local stations get buddy buddy with certain drivers and turn a blind eye to bad behavior sometimes even finding it a funny joke.

Be a voice and report your bad experiences! A difference can be made!

Product or Service Mentioned: Greyhound Customer Care.

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