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My uncle who has expressive aphasia from a stroke and issues ambulating (walking at times) took a bus from St Louis to Kansas City bus 1651 scheduled departure 8/21/19 at 0300. In an attempt to inform the driver of my uncles limitations with communication as the Greyhound website clearly states should be done prior to boarding.

I was told “ I am not a babysitter” followed by “if he can’t travel alone, maybe someone should travel with him”. It clearly states with the exception of medications, or assistance with toileting reasonable accommodations to assist travelers with disabilities will be made.

This particular driver lacked compassion and apparently the intelligence to communicate on a level beyond a middle schooler. I have sent a complaint to Greyhound.

Product or Service Mentioned: Greyhound Vehicle Driver.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Greyhound Cons: Rude disrespectful driver.

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Just what did you expect them to do beyond helping him on and off the bus? Did you think the driver would stop the bus(while ignoring the needs of the other passengers) to constantly check on(AKA babysit) your uncle?

Based on your banal rant, you wanted more than any driver who has other people to look out for can do. You tried to turn a bus full of people into a medical transportation vehicle.

It's no wonder they said if unc needs more than the basic service offered, someone should ride with him rather than trying to use a bus line as a cheap medical transport service. Next time, save up some money and transport this man properly and give him the dignity he deserves.


First you know nothing of the situation and good thing you commented anonymous. Look up some of the terms...

I was under the impression this was a reputable site clearly I was mistaken.

How about this go *** off.... ignorance is bliss and your *** is clearly ignorant AF.