Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I had a horrible experience with Greyhound this Saturday which I would like to share here.. It was absolutely outrageous.

I had a reserved ticket which I purchased online about a week+ in advance. I showed up to the terminal early as indicated, and to my dismay, they did not let me on the bus because they claimed it was full. However, I know that there were at least 20 seats on the bus which they were saving for another stop the bus was making. To make matters even worse, the Greyhound staff at the station was extremely rude about the whole thing, I was told that "this was not their problem because they didn't sell me the ticket", and the employee who who was taking the ticket at the gate actually threatened to call the police because I got upset and told him that I will get on the bus anyway because there were seats there and I needed to get to my destination in time.

Even the manager was very rude. I was told I can take the next bus which was in at least an hour, but since I had to catch another connecting bus in Port Authority, that was not a good option for me. Besides, why should I have to do that if I had a valid ticket for that particular bus? I ended up taking a bus from a different company instead, which was a block away from the Greyhound station, but this resulted in me losing many hours and causing a lot of aggravation.

The way Greyhound seems to be operating these days is extremely disorganized, the staff is extremely rude, the customers are treated like cattle, and even when one has a ticket and gets there early, it's questionable whether you will get on the bus or not. Considering that there are other options for customers, this is no way to run a business. I wrote to Greyhound corporate office right after this happened describing the incident, and today received a response: a canned email telling me to contact customer service for refund. Obviously I do not ever plan to use Greyhound after this experience and I will tell everyone I know about what happened.

In fact, I plan on contacting Better Business Bureau and even the media. I still cannot even believe what happened, it was literally like being in some Third world country trying to get on a bus. The Greyhound corporate office needs to take a good hard look at the way they are operating, because people will not be using Greyhound much longer if this type of thing continues, as there are other options which are run much better and are in fact cheaper.

BTW, I was not the only one who ended up not being able to get on that bus with a ticket, there were several other people who were in the same situation. It was truly unbelievable, and everyone needs to know about this lest they end up in the same situation.

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I had the same problem with Greyhound. They overbook and then make you wait an hour for another bus.

In my case the bus they finally sent broke down 15 minutes outside NYC and we had a additional wait on the side of the road. The toilet was not working and they would not let anyone off the bus.

They really do not care if they ruin your day and they are not that cheap. Maybe the Chinese bus would be better.


Greyhound lines is a bad company to drive for. they steal your money and the managers treat you like a slave.

They all were german ***

Do not go to work for greyhound lines. They will own your life and you will stay in dormatories and dump motels with bed bugs and roaches.

@Julius Degabuah

I never thought about it that way before. i guess that makes sense, if Greyhound treats its passengers like that than they probably treat their drivers that way too.

When I used to take real long trips and sleep in my seat I used to joke around saying that I was staying at "The Greyhound Motel" A few time, the trip was so incredibly uncomfortable that I had to get off and go find a cheap motel to stay at. They didn't have roaches in them, but they were what some people refer to as "Roach Motels". Pretty bad, and they did have bed bugs.

I feel sorry for people who drive for Greyhound, as they are having to ride the bus every day, every day. And I can imagine that they get tired of having to deal with all of the people on the bus who cause problems.


We can be sure the CEO of Greyhound doesn't ride cross country in a bus. Gone are the days when their buses never moved with a dent or a torn filthy seat.

It seemed like the last one I was on was held together with duct tape.

Also gone are the days when people took pride in their behavior and their appearance. The slovenly and unwashed treat their surroundings like themselves.

It was like riding in an asylum in a dumpster.

I guess I'd be cranky too if I'd been abused for years by this kind of fare. I'm just thankful I got there safe, even if I did have to bring my own plastic seat cover.