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Aug 15 2018 , My son and grandson are stranded in El Paso TX. because the bus that was rented by Greyhound to take passengers from ElPaso to San Antonio contract expired and now my kids and other families are stranded for an entire day and all they can say at Greyhound is "Sorry" .

Whatever it takes I will get satisfaction from this outrageous

situation .I am calling local news stations and asking them to show how Greyhound Bus Lines have turned into such a horrible method of transportation .

Product or Service Mentioned: Greyhound Bus Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I looked up on the internet and they showed where a greyhound bus was stranded in El Paso in January 2015 and that there were over 100 stranded passengers. It said that Greyhound forbidded filming in the station(i wonder why!!!!!), but someone clandestinely filmed inside and the place looked a mess!

They said that each person was given a donut and a bottle of water and a blanket!(Whoop-de-doo! We paid $200 for our tickets and were stranded and got a donut!) I feel very sorry for your son and grandson and i hope that god blesses them so that they have enough money to where they never have to ride Greyhound again and that they have enough money to buy decent bicycles for a reputable store that specializes in bicycles and that they never have to stoop to eating that gross food from McDonalds ever again. I also read a story(on the internet) about a greyhound bus stuck in Van Horn, Texas for 5 hours recently in may 2018. Wow, I feel so much compassion for them.

Greyhound should have opened up the coffers and paid for taxi cabs to take the customers the rest of the way to their destinations. The money's there, they could do it they wanted to and if they had any kind of human decency.


Please do report them to the news. I will be checking online to see the story. Maybe that will get them to take some action.


I remember that every time I used to pass through the El Paso Greyhound Bus Station, i would always walk around the immediate neighborhood looking for a better deal on food, drinks, and snacks. I remember one place had a coke machine that sold them for 35 cents each and I would always buy a bunch of them to take back on the bus with me.

That was years ago, so they may have gone up on the price since then, but it was much cheaper than I would have paid if i had stayed in the Greyhound station and let them rip me off. Also, it was a very pleasant walk around and I very much enjoyed getting to stretch my legs and get some fresh air. You should tell your son and grandson that they should just enjoy themselves and go out and enjoy El Paso, maybe get a Hotel Room or something. I always wish that I had stayed over in El Paso along the way.

Especially if you are traveling from the west coast and are traveling a long ways, because the trip to San Antonio is very boring and tedious, so El Paso is a good place to stay over to prepare yourself for the long, boring trip across Texas. Your son and Grandson need to get a lawyer and sue Greyhound!

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