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Left me and my 2 year is of daughter in Maryland because the 2 seats i purchased were not next to each other and the bus driver couldn’t even ask people to move around so i could get on now I’m steanded in a foreign city with no hotel or no money! And customer service won’t do anything!

They keep dating just sorry!

What a joke! Never use this company again

Product or Service Mentioned: Greyhound Bus Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I think that the next time that I go Greyhound (if i ever), that i am going to Splurge and buy two seats so that I can put my luggage next to me in the other seat, and not have to be forced to sit to somebody who hasn't had a shower in a really long time, or who is obnoxiuos in their behavior. But first, i would want to get in writing from Greyhound, that I would be able to have both seats next to each other and that I wouldn't be asked to let somebody sit there no matter how crowded the bus would be, since I would have paid double what I ordinarily would have paid.

Now, If somebody would come up to me and offer me a couple of twenties so that they could sit next to clean me, instead of the vagrant that they were currently sitting next to, I think that then I would sell my seat to them, as long as it would only be for a few hundred miles or so. I can't stand having someone who hasn't had a shower in a month sitting next to me, when I have just gotten on the bus smelling clean with clean clothes on.

Greyhound should have showers in most of it's stations(at least one in smaller cities)than a patron would be required to use if they obviously smelled gross, before they would be allowed to board the bus. And they should have some cheap clothes from goodwill that they would be required to purchase and change into before they could get on the bus, if their clothes were obviously soiled with mud or something worse.