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Got to Nashville, TN for Greyhound transfer about 9 pm next bus to arrive 1:30 am. Never showed.

Station manager told me he would get hotel room for my 5 year old disabled daughter and I. And an Uber, food vouchers, etc.

He left without doing so and did not leave info for anyone else to do...so we have been there for over 25 hours...looks like we sleep on the floor again...Oh did I mention I just had back surgery...I can barely stand and walk after sitting on metal and concrete. Need an ER visit but now way to get there.

Station people don't care, won't help. Treat us like lepers or something.

Product or Service Mentioned: Greyhound Bus Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $400.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Greyhound Cons: Being stranded going out west &coming home.

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I rode into Nashville once in the middle of winter and it was snowing heavily. I noticed that there was a rescue mission right across the street, so I went over there to get a free meal.

As I was waiting for dinner to be served, this black guy yelled out "The Cold Weather Brings Out The Freaks!" and I had to laugh because the place was filled with all kinds of freaky looking characters who appeared as if they normally stayed out in the bush, but had only come to the rescue mission to get out of the cold. the meal sucked, but was alot better than any of the overpriced crap that I could have gotten from the "Traveler's Grill" inside the Nashville Bus Station.

Message I got from my daughter: The bus is {{Redacted}}...like last time. But, the station manager is here and he's getting us a hotel room.

We have to take the Knoxville transfer at 1:30am tomorrow, because it's a once a day thing. And so is the Asheville bus from Knoxville. He's waiting til he deals with everyone else that he's rerouting to other parts of the Carolinas through Atlanta to take care of it, because I don't imagine he wants everyone demanding hotel rooms. But, my having Ylla, he offered it to us.

Noowww he's saying the bus should still be here in 4 or 5 hours and once we're there, they'll either get us a hotel or Uber us the rest of the way to Asheville. In the meantime, he's super busy til 3:30am, so he's supposed to see about meal vouchers and such then... ugh...poor Ylla Fri 9:28am Sucks But at least he's trying to help you I guess. Seems like that is a recurring thing there...huh?

Well keep me updated and let me know. Love ya!!! Fri 10:53am Give Miss Ylla HUGS & KISSES FROM US Fri 2:00pm You make it yet? Nope.

If we get to 9pm will have been 24 hours a woman with back surgery previously and her disabled daughter had to sit around on metal and concrete like vagrants. Back is *** Dunno if I can pick up my bags it this point if it does make it. Wish they'd do a hotel room til the 1am one. Fri 4:01pm Want me to contact the local news, or newspaper or something?

Bet that would get something done, especially when you tell them it's every time you go through that station! Thought the man was gonna do that already anyway..get you a room, and or uber or whatever! Text phone getting of computer! Luv ya'll Fri 5:06pm after 6 tries on phone with nashville lady says she may have put y on bus already is paging you.

And other people on the calls said for you to call 24 hours (after you arrive at destination) I guess about refund/complaint! U on bus or still at statioin She said man did not tell her about getting hotel or anything Been on hold for over 20 mins...if you on bus I will hang up..lady paged you...so not back on phone yet? 6 calls. finally got nashville number, rang in Minilla phillipines....transfered to nashville...still on hold now.

on hold with nashville 28 mins...hanging up now. Hope she was right and you are already on bus Tablet got charge? Talk to the black lady if you can. she said she not know about hotel, uber, unless she just put me on hold for over 28 minutes so I would give up Sounded nice though...explained surgery, disabled child, etc.

been there since 9 last night and all...seems like if manager said he would they could contact him and get the ok....or find out when he comes back on duty. Fri 7:35pm There was a black lady out here on phone checking us out while talking but never came over here. Called complaint line, got supervisor, she said she'd out me on hold and call here and hung up on me Fri 9:19pm I tried for hours to call there....no answer and tried like 8 different numbers only to be sent to the Philippines people....Lawsuit coming up. Just messaged greyhound on here too.

Refund...not...that is no where near enough to cover the trouble. If they get you an Uber, get it to lady's house directly so she doesn't have to go to asheville to get you. Just tell them Uber you home! Gotta go to bed....be safe...Oh I complained on greyhound site about Nashville too.

LUV YOU!!!!!!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My call log-most of which went to the Phillipines who told me they could do nothing, would have to talk to someone at station. The one call : (615) 255-3556 24 Aug 201804:59 PM 00:28:07 This was the station, put me on hold..she said she thought she had put them on the bus and would pager her but after 28 mins. I hung up.

(212) 549-250024 Aug 201809:25 PM00:00:09 (800) 231-222224 Aug 201809:22 PM00:00:59 (214) 849-896624 Aug 201809:10 PM00:00:47 (513) 241-220024 Aug 201809:09 PM00:00:15 (513) 241-220024 Aug 201809:08 PM00:00:09 (214) 849-800024 Aug 201809:07 PM00:00:45 (615) 255-671924 Aug 201809:04 PM00:00:00 station direct line, never answered (615) 255-671924 Aug 201809:02 PM00:00:00 (615) 244-365424 Aug 201809:01 PM00:00:05 (615) 244-365424 Aug 201809:00 PM00:00:05 (615) 255-671924 Aug 201808:58 PM00:00:00 (800) 268-900024 Aug 201808:46 PM00:11:49 (505) 870-957024 Aug 201808:36 PM00:00:04 (615) 255-671924 Aug 201806:59 PM00:00:00 (615) 255-671924 Aug 201806:59 PM00:00:00 (615) 255-671924 Aug 201806:57 PM00:00:00 (615) 255-671924 Aug 201806:56 PM00:00:00 (615) 255-671924 Aug 201806:54 PM00:00:00 (615) 255-671924 Aug 201806:52 PM00:00:00 (615) 255-355624 Aug 201806:50 PM00:01:19 always get the Phillipines (214) 849-896624 Aug 201806:48 PM00:01:49 (615) 255-355624 Aug 201804:59 PM00:28:07 Transfered to station, put me on hold (214) 849-896624 Aug 201804:52 PM00:06:40 (214) 849-896624 Aug 201804:49 PM00:03:07 (214) 849-939924 Aug 201804:48 PM00:00:11 (214) 849-939924 Aug 201804:48 PM00:00:00 (505) 870-957024 Aug 201804:44 PM00:00:04 (800) 752-484124 Aug 201804:39 PM00:04:34 (800) 739-502024 Aug 201804:38 PM00:00:08 (800) 752-484124 Aug 201804:38 PM00:00:19 (800) 434-739424 Aug 201804:37 PM00:00:05 After all this and 2 nites sleeping on floor..was told NO ROOM ON BUS< NOR ROOM THE ENTIRE WEEKEND...So she ended up at Emergency Room due to back surgery and lying on concrete for two nites...and is no in a homeless shelter! The station manager back on duty and now refuses to help with a hotel/uber!!!!

If station manager can get her a Uber from Knoxville to Asheville...why could he not do it from Nashville? Then she and my disabled granddaughter could have made it home INSTEAD OF SLEEPING ON FLOOR 2 NIGHTS & ENDING UP IN A HOMELESS SHELTER!!!!!

Update. It's now Saturday morning and guess what?

NO ROOM ON BUS! SO STILL HERE! I ended up in the emergency room because of back (previous surgery) and sitting on metal and concrete for over 24 hours. Luckily a nice nurse there told us about a homeless shelter.

So at least we will be able to lie in a bed-instead of on concrete floor. Oh and station manger was back-would not keep his word on the hotel/uber...so shelter it is...Thanks Greayhound...we are in a homeless shelter! My disabled daughter is so upset by this and the rude treatment from employees.

When they say they will get you a hotel...do it. for however long they can't get you back on a bus.