I got stranded in Houston coming down here to get my daughter who is homeless and in a very bad addiction things didn't go out between us and they left me here. I booked a ticket on Saturday night was to leave Monday My friend's car broke down and I didn't have a ride there on Monday.

so I called and asked for refund I was just going to get a refund and they were very rude to me said no you can't you bought this ticket there's no way you can happen the only way that they can do anything for me is to an exchange dates with it not to pay 20 extra dollars so I did it for Tuesday and the same thing happened Tuesday we ran into traffic at 4:15 we left.

We left my boyfriend's house and by 5:45 we were still on 290 hadn't even made it to I-10 so I called him again asked him if I could please reschedule it without being charged $20 and they said sure will waiver this one just be there at 6:15 so lo and behold traffic again couldn't make it down there I had no more money to be able to pay 20 more dollars for another ticket so $78.50 is a lot of money to me tell big corporation like y'all it it can't break him. I have had Greyhound offer to pay for me a ticket to go where I needed to go when I was in the shelter I returned it down because I felt there was somebody out there they needed it more than I did I know it's not your fault but I'm already going through a hard hard time and financially it's it's sad I just need my money back please I'm begging have a heart

Product or Service Mentioned: Greyhound Bus Ticket Booking.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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Jennifer S

Yes I'm a very extremely pissed of at the whole Greyhound company. U say one fricking thing send u do the opposite.

Personally I feel as tho the customer is right.

Y'all don't get penalized when my Aunt's bag doesnt get here for 2 days after she arrives. U and Greyhound r playing with emotions....just refund my money or i will without a doubt have an awesome Lawyer too repersenrt me...

@Jennifer S

My I suggest Attorney Saul Goodman? Google Him.

@Jennifer S

Maybe you can find one from the Legal Aid Society to help you. If you are so desperate that you were riding Greyhound, I doubt that you have the money to hire a competent lawyer to handle your case. Just saying.

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