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To all the investors holding shares in this company, you either have to have a smarter and more efficient CEO, replacing the current one or sell ALL your shares ASAP!!! Because this company is going bankrupt very soon, due to its POOR services.This company is the worst at scheduling.

THE WORST, in the entire world. A 12 year old could do a better scheduling throughout the entire country, by himself.The delays are extravagantly long...We understand things might happen. But the average delay is 5 hours!!!! Really?You’re having people sitting in your stations for 5 hours in average?

You’re must be very mean or just un-intelligent. You’re too old of a company to be this un-intellect.My longest delay was 8 hours I had to wait!!!You really need to regulate this company ASAP. Because I don’t know anybody ridding you once and doing it again. I will NEVER.

I’d rather walk from LA to NY, than riding with you again.

REGULATE THIS COMPANY ASAP!!!!All different station have different attitudes targeting the same endeavors, which is not good for any company and that’s why you’ll go bankrupt. Some drivers have attitudes, tickets people frown their faces.By the way how much do you pay your workers for them to be this salty all the time?You need regulations in all your services, from stations employees, drivers to scheduling. And the cash only thing is ridiculous, it’s 2019. Putting a 3 dollars fee atm my gun!.

You’ll end up like kodak if you don’t step your game up.REGULATE!!!!!! or you’re over! that’s how a company supposed to work. You’re the perfect target for any competitor out there right now.

Even if they’re just getting started.You also need to have better assistance for passengers having anxieties due to your poor services.

Some people can have anxiety attack for waiting way longer than they expected... Do some researches as well.

And your customers service is the worst that could ever exist in America. It has the level of any customer service during the great depression and that’s a shaaaaaaaaaaaame!

Shame on this company and the people who make the decisions! Y’all supposed to be rich tycoons.

Real tycoons make real business decisions!

I’d definitely, hand down be a way better CEO...

By the way I’m using your raggedy, non working wifi to write this!

since y’all having me wait, I’ll use this time to write you a cute review anywhere I can.

The screenshot I’ve attached is how long I had to wait JUST to talk to someone who gave me informations I already knew and didn’t help any further.

Hit me up if you need a new business plan. I’ll help you fire all the cancers in your company.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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