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I had a miss printed ticket...told me to go ahead a travel....brought me half way to my destination..and told me I could no longer travel on that ticket ..put me off the bus in columbia,sc....gave my reissued ticket to another passenger....I c identity theft and inherentance scams...just another addition to my FtC investigation!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Greyhound Bus Service.

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You always have to be careful riding on Greyhound from every angle. It's filthy, uncomfortable, smells horrible and stops at every little tiny town along the way, pulling off the highway going to country roads and then nobody is even there waiting to get on the bus.

You get cramps from being squeezed in so tight and with all of the peole pressed up so close to you all the time, you could get pick-pocketed very easily and not even realize it. I've been on the bus before where the driver had his window cracked open and was smoking a cigarette. It truly is a nightmare and you need to be very attentive and watchful at every step of the way. I don't like having to spend money on lice medication after riding the bus, I've caught it several times from Greyhound.

I was foolish enough to lay down on the backseat which is probably the filthiest seat on the bus because that's where homeless people lay down to sleep. It's just really grose the whole way around, plus you get overcharged for all of the snacks and meals that they sell in the Greyhound stations themselves.

And when you go into the restrooms you always see empty beer cans in the stalls. I always walk down the street from the station to any nearby fast-food restaurants.

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