Harrison, Arkansas

On July 28th my fiance and I took a greyhound bus from Colorado Springs Co. to Branson Mo.

when we got to Denver Co. they told us the bus we were suppose to take was over croweded so we would have to wait for the ohter bus which would be there in 20 min. well 20 min. turned into two hours which made the bus 110 min.

late now they had already put our luggage on the first bus and were told it would be at our final destination. when we got to Kansas City Mo. we were told that we missed our bus to Branson Mo. because the bus was late then they told us the bus only leaves once a day to Branson and we would have to wait until the following day to leave so I called a cab co.

which costed 200.00 to leave that day by the time we got to Branson our luggage was not there. Our luggage should have been there.

Now we have no clothes and were told we have to wait 30 days for our belongings. No More Greyhounds for us

Product or Service Mentioned: Greyhound Bus Service.

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Austin, Colorado, United States #732478

Post a lost listing at http://www.lostandfound.com/greyhound


I got to my destination and there was no suit case. so a driver told me to go to customer service.

so i did. and this guy told me that i have to wait 1 day or 2. so after 12 hours later i called them over if they have found one and they said no. and called them again after 3 or 4 hours later if they have found one and this person said "it's not even been 24 hours.

we will call you back if we get it." and i said "but when if you guys lost it?" and he said "I said, it's not even been 24 hours yet. try to call tmr. okay?" and hung up the phone.

ruuuuddddddddddeeeeeee all my clothes were in there. i don't have any clothes anymore........


hellow my name is abel rocha my lady was travaling from san ysidro to backer fill but the bus stop at san diego grey hound staytion to siwcht buses but u r employe was asking every body for ther tikis and heb ask my lady for hers and kept her comformation number so when she arive at backer fill her luggage was gone wicht she put a complain form in backer fill to greyhound insurance in dallas,texa they said it takes about 90days for u guys to respond but u guys never call my lady back or sent a latter to the corent adress in bakers fill but my lady just move to san diego it been 6 month and u guys have done anything thers any way u guys could email me back and tell us what to do p.l.s thank you bery much


The only way you come out ahead on greyhound is if your are learned in the art of camping so make sure you have a tent and some water because you will be camping :eek


I took the Greyhound from PA to MI and back again. My advice is make sure you know where your luggage is at all times- if you're alert and smart about keeping your belongings with you and watching the driver or helper load your stuff, you will have no problems riding the Greyhound.

Although you will meet some interesting/crazy as *** people, but it's part of the experience. :)

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