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I have had NOTHING but aweful experiences with greyhound. I was harassed by security accusing me of being on drugs because I was shaking slightly due to drinking large amounts of coffee and the fact that i had raced to the station and almost missed my bus.

A friend of mine once fell asleep on her bus and missed her stop. when she asked the driver what she should do, his answer was to stop immediately and kick her off in the POURING rain under an overpass.

Buying tickets online with them is a real treat. I attempted to purchase a ticket online for a trip i was taking however once i completed everything, I was given a message saying my transaction didn't go through because "blah blah blah our website SUCKS" so i did it over the phone. when i returned from my trip I looked at my visa bill and had been charged for my ticket (80$) but there was also another charge from greyhound for 75$. A MONTH it took of calling greyhound customer service every two days being told to call back until finally they told me that transaction didn't exist. called my bank, they give me reference numbers for the transactions to give them to track. i call greyhound, attempt to give them the reference numbers and "NOPE THAT TRANSACTION NEVER HAPPENED DOESN'T MATTER THAT YOU HAVE REFERENCE NUMBERS IT NEVER HAPPENED". so i called my bank back, they informed me this happens ALOT with greyhound and had to put them under investigation and essentially force them to give me my money back.

I had another issue with them yesterday that involves me wasting 200$ but that was partially my fault, however I feel they did an extremely poor job of assisting me with the problem.

In summary, greyhound sucks, i'm offically boycotting them and will gladly walk or take a plane over using their services any day.

Review about: Greyhound Bus Service.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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