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One time when I was riding the Greyhound bus a lady got up and went to the driver complaining about the gentlemen sitting next to her putting his hand up on her thigh. And all the driver did was tell the gentlemen that he had to go up front and sit behind the driver.

The lady was very upset and was obviously telling the truth. As The gentleman who touched her was walking up to the front of the bus he said real loud "If I was touching her, she should have been GLAD that I was touching her!" I think that the driver should have pulled over and put him off the bus and possibly have called the police.

Many times I have ridden Greyhound where A lady will get up and go to the front of the bus to complain to some *** fondling her and then soon after they pull into the station and the driver tells everyone to stay on the bus and the cops come on board and remove the *** The buses are always so packed that you are squashed against the person sitting next to you and it's hard to tell if someone just touched you inappropriately on purpose or accidentally. I hate riding on those disgusting buses!

Product or Service Mentioned: Greyhound Vehicle Driver.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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