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I booked my reservation online, I was told I had until 1am to purchase the tickets at a 7-11 for our 3am departure from Las Vegas. Went at 10:25pm to the 1st 7-11, the guy did not know how to process the transaction, went to the 2nd 7-11 which told me they no longer do load transactions, my 3nd and 4th 7-11's were unable to assist as well.

Called Greyhound customer service where a lady by the name of lily told me that since I had a reservation all I needed to do was go to the station and they could help me there. I explained to her that it was now 12:45am and my paper stated my reservation would end at 1am and she said "No, it will still be ok." So after over 2 hours of trying to pay cash at 7-11, I went home and checked online at 1:02am to see if my reservation was still there and it was not. Went to the station where we arrived at 2:30am but no one was in the office, we asked the RTA bus personal if they could get the Greyhound person and they both said she's on a break. We waited until 3:05am at which time we were walked outside to the Greyhound lady and she told us it was too late to purchase the tickets, we were suppose to be going to a funeral that we missed because Greyhounds customer service on the phone and in person sucks.

Also we tried to go to a listed station at a hotel in Las Vegas that is closed.

Greyhound is very sad no days. I had not used them since the early 1990's and after this situation I don't plan to use them ever again nor will I recommend them.

User's recommendation: If you are paying cash go straight to the station hours before your bus leaves or go get a pay card from Walmart to pay for your reservation before they close if you have a late night/early AM departure.

Preferred solution: An apology and maybe some voucher to use for a future trip for 2 people..

Greyhound Cons: Bad service, Service not provided, Does not cater to the consumer.

Location: 6675 Gilespie Street, Las Vegas, NV 89119

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