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Yesterday night bus driver stoped in Binghamton, she didn't anounced how long we stop there.

When I used restroom after I had quick phone call(I spent time about 6mit total) meantime I realized bus was trying to bake up to move.

I was stoping bus but she was still the moving the bus.

So I was Knocking hardly then she was stop the bus but she seems not want to opened the door. I was showed her why you don't want to opened the door I used body language then after a few minutes she finally opened the door for me.

She seems raicism person. She is black, I am an asian but I am a customer how could do driver try to abandon customer?

I was so nervous almost freaked out cause it was pretty dark night.

She was definitely not right to the customer.she needs some punishment from the company.

Bus schedule was 5pm to syracuse. It happened was around 9.00pm 5-15-2018

Product or Service Mentioned: Greyhound Vehicle Driver.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Let's see, you didn't know how long the stop would be, you got off without asking and it's her fault? What did the other passengers do when she tried to leave without them?

Oh, they were on the bus, in their seats and ready to roll. Hmmmmm...

How did they know when to be on the bus and you didn't? Get a clue and ask questions the next time princess.