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absolutely the worst communication between the station and customer services. sacremento station says they are not traveling north passed redding because of 15 miles of interatate 5 closure due to wildfires.

customer services says there is no delays and every bus route is running on time. been stuck at the sacramento greyhound station for 65hrs. dam greyhound hasnt offered a motel no food not a dam thing but a bunch of lies. how hard is it to navigate a alternate route.

most unorginized *** ive ever experinced. 65hrs and there is still not a definte awnser to this. greyhound needs to fire there whole logistics department. this company is a dam joke.

if i had the means to do it i would start a alternate bjs company to compete with greyhound.

and eventualy over power the market and bring greyhound to its bitter end. i cant beilve this company has been able to survive off the backs of the poor while treating the passenger like *** there is nothing enjoyable about greyhound nothing nothing nothing

Product or Service Mentioned: Greyhound Bus Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I Disagree. There is a Method to the Madness at Greyhound.

you just got to understand the way they run things.

They run things like the Government does. It seems real stupid and doesn't make any sense, but indeed there is a Method to their Madness.