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Lost my luggage. Bus late.

Discriminated against. I am disable and did not get priority rights. I was not assisted off and on the bus properly. I was treated very rudely in Nashville, Tennessee at baggage check-in by the ticket agent.

Very unclean buses and terminal bathrooms. Not enough leg space where I sat in handicap seating. I definitely want to be compensated for my things that were lost. My trip was taken August 14, 2018 from Huntsville, Alabama to Cleveland, Ohio.

I will never and I mean never take the Greyhound Bus to any country in the United States and I would not recommend anyone else to use this terrible service. I may have to bring legal action against this company, because I felt discriminated against due to my disability.

Product or Service Mentioned: Greyhound Baggage Policy.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $250.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Greyhound Cons: Poor refund policy, Unpleasant smell of the greyhound buses, I dont like it.

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My daughter and disabled granddaughter have been there since Thursday nite 9 pm. Bus did not come for 1 am transfer.

Slept on floor for 2 nites, 2nd nite bus too full for now we are in homeless shelter as weekend buses too full for us. Station manger told us he'd get a hotel due to my daughter...but didn't. Made to feel like we were lepers or something.

Oh spent the morning in the ER as I recently had back surgery and sitting/sleeping on metal and on concrete floor..I could not even pick up my bags. Why don't they at least have a small room with cots for such problems?


Well, one good thing about traveling on Greyhound through nashville, there is a rescue mission right across the street from the terminal. but beware: the cold weather brings out the freaks!


Well, I'll have you know that once when i was in the Dallas, Texas Greyhound bus station awaiting a bus departing to Denver, I was sitting in line on the floor listening to my walkman and the lady must have thought that i looked like I was cuckoo or something, because she grabbed my hand and lead me to the front of the line for priority boarding for the disabled when it was time for the bus to leave. The whole Greyhound experience had made me look and feel like I was a mentally challenged person, I was disheveled and I felt like I was going crazy from my ordeal.

i didn't argue with the lady and was very pleased to be able to get on the bus first and grab the best seat in the house, the one kitty-korner to the driver, where you get to see the highway unfold in front of you as the bus goes down the road, and when they stop for McDonalds meal stops, you get to get off the bus first and be first in line in the store(amongst the Greyhound passengers anyway). I always would try real hard to stay clean on the Bus and to wipe my hands down often with the wet wipes that they dispensed in the bathroom. With all of the germs on the bus, you want to make sure that your hands are clean before you eat anything. It helped having a walkman and tapes along because many times you couldn't pick up any radio stations out in the middle of nowhere.

Also, you could drown out the idiots who would always get a bag of chips and smack really loud with their mouths open and keep making crinkling noises with the big. It was extremely irritating to have someone like that sitting behind you. I liked the TNM&O buses that we would ride from in parts of Texas, I thought that they wre better than Greyhounds were. Also, the Powder River buses in Wyoming were much nicer, as were the Jackrabbit Lines Buses in South Dakota.

I miss all of my wonderful Greyhound Adventures. I got to see and go to alot of beautiful, amazing places!