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First I Had a 9hr Delay In Richmond VA Because Drivers Was On Strike, But No One Would Tell Us Anything Had To Find Out From Another Driver and customer. Then we had a bus driver that had never taken the rout we was on and had got lost along the way so pushed us back...
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My friend, that's why I recommend buying a one week Ameripass if you are going to be taking a cross country trip. That way, if a bus isnn't running a certain route due to bad ...


I recently looked up a Greyhound fare and saw that they have different tiers of pricing. They have basic Economy which is the cheapest. then they have two other tiers that are...


Greyhound worst bus company ever

Lost bagage on 12-31-2017 and they acted so rude to me I told them they can keep the bags
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Greyhound is a disappointment. This is my second time riding with them and I have had bad experiences on both occasions. NEVER AGAIN. We were leaving from Atlanta to New York with one transfer in Virginia. When we arrived in Virginia at 6 am, we were told they had no...
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I didn't like
  • Stranded for 7 hrs
  • Late departures
  • No information on what was happening

Greyhound Bus Service Review

9/12/15 7am Greyhound/Peter Pan driver from Washington DC to NYC is telling people talking in normal voices to be quiet and pulled the bus over on the highway to tell folks to get off in Baltimore if they don't like it. Drivers don't have to be friendly but they should still be nice. He told these young ladies it was too earlier in the morning to giggle
This was almost two years ago but to this day that *** still *** me off. I was travelling from texas to DC. I had to transfer buses 4 times and I was a bit nervous about riding so far by myself. All of the drivers were very nice and helpful except for one. before I got...
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I;Never Ever Will Travel With Greyhound Again

I should have listen to my gut and traveled with Amtrak. I was taking my daughter from Richmond, VA to South Carolina to visit her great grandmother for the summer. The bus departure was 1:30am, we arrived 12:30am. The line was extremely long at the gate. The bus left early at 1:00am and the line was still long. They had overbooked. We were told that they would have to call drivers at home to come to work. They were all rude and unapologetic. We finally got on the 2nd bus 2 hrs. late. Needless to say, I miss my transfer in Charlotte, and had to wait over 4 hrs., same thing occurred while returning home. All they want is your money but don't want to deliver good service.
I want to share this experience with everyone who is ever planning to use Greyhound bus. This is so outrageous that I am afraid people would not believe me. But I promise - this is the truth without exaggerations. Here is what happened: I was waiting to board a bus...
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Can anyone out there tell us what the *** is wrong with the Richmond greyhound bus station why they never answer their phone. My son was traveling (mental health person) out ...


I think greyhound sucks not because of the driver but because of the people who ride it. The reason why the buses stink is because the people stink. I would say 80% of the peo...