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A few minutes past midnight on July 22, 2021, i was waiting in St. Augustine, Florida, for the Greyhound Bus to take me to Daytona Beach.

I could see the bus drive pass me from a parallel street a block away. The bus didn't stop. It. dropped off its passengers at a different sport from where it dropped me off some 16 hours earlier.

I was stranded in a town where everything was closed for the night . i called the 1 80* *** **** number 3 times, and each time the service agent was clueless. One suggested to take the next bus, which was again at midnight the next day. -like i was going to spend the entire night and day there again.She didn't seem to have a clue about the severity of my situation.

i kept telling the second agent the drop off point was different from morning to night, but it seemed it didn't get through his thick head. He argued with me, telling me i was mistaken, that the bus stopped at 12:03 -which was true, but at a different location. The third agent i called kept on asking me the address of the drop off point even after i said three times that

I didn't know. What also bad is that all 3 of these agents spoke in a form of English which illustrated it was not their native language There lack of fluency hindered understanding.

i took a taxi to Daytona Beach, which cost me 92 dollars flat rate. The next day, i went to the Greyhound office, and the agent there said that the bus driver indeed did not do his/her job, and that the 800 number was frequently useless. This agent at the office was much more helpful. My ticket was refunded, so at least i got 28 dollars back.

Make called night.

Wheb When night.When night. the eveningh

User's recommendation: Make sure you confirm the drop off and pick up times-this might help., but it is no guarentee.

Monetary Loss: $52.

Preferred solution: The 52 dollars that i paid extra as a result of the driver missing the correct stop..

Greyhound Pros: Polite and safe busdrivers and baggage loaders, Comfort, Inexpensive rates, People at the daytona beach and jacksonville offices helpful.

Greyhound Cons: Getting stranded, Clueless agents, Scheduled buses are too infrequent, Misinformation given.

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