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Unbelievable *** – this company! I sent my 15 year old son via Greyhound to visit his family in New York from Texas for the summer.

He's hitting four transfers on a 3 day trip and his cell phone broke. I'm worried he didn't make the transfers. His mom is pregnant and stressed out beyond belief for her son's safety. I assumed I could just call Greyhound customer support to ask for help in finding him and not one f'n employee gave my thoughts the time of day.

I called several Greyhound customer service reps here in the US and in Columbia (outsourced call center) to get help and they all stated verbatim the same ***: "Sorry sir, we can't do anything to locate your son. Here is the number to the next bus station; ask them to announce his name over the PA system." The problem with this BS solution is that my son doesn't hear too well. When I asked them to just call the bus driver they refused. Greyhound Corporate (a gal with the initials CB) even said it would be better to call the police department because they might have better luck finding him – unbelievable this company.

As of right now I have no idea where my son is and more importantly if he's ok. I will never use Greyhound again. It would have been much better to spend the extra dollars on a plane ticket.

If anything happens to my son I will file a law suit on this dilapidated and malfunctioning company for not having adequate procedures in place to locate passengers in case of emergencies. I hate companies that talk to customers by the book and outsource their customer service centers; nobody ever says "let me see what I can do" anymore and it's very difficult to understand English speakers with thick accents, especially if you're making the call from a busy area.

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Seriously? Why would you send your underage son alone on a bus that takes 3 days?

It's your responsibility, not the bus line! Also, why on earth wouldn't you fly him there?


You sent your minor alone on a 1500+ mile bus trip? It's not the company's fault that they can't send out the military to look for your son!

The P.A. suggestion is all they can really do.

My parents would not have put me on a DIRECT FLIGHT alone at fifteen. I hope you know by now your son is safe, but the company is not at fault in the slightest.


No offense, but are you kidding me? Why is Greyhound responsible for your son's safety?

If he doesn't hear well, is carrying a broken cell phone, and his mother is a pregnant/ anxious mess, why on earth would you put him on a bus ALONE for a 1,500 mile road trip? If anything happens to your son, shame on you and his mother for expecting someone else to supervise his travels!

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