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Update by user Jan 09, 2019

Update as of today being that this incident took place 3 months ago:I have contacted greyhound yet again for the 10th time (yes I’ve been keeping count) regarding my refund and of course they told me “call back in 3-5 business days” a like that has been told to me everytime i call. At this point i want to sue.

This is ridiculous already... i have called so many times and EVERYTIME i call i get the run around or i get the “but we sent your $50 refund October 20th”. Which I’ve contacted my bank and have proof from my bank that i have not received a refund from greyhound. And all for a measly $50???

They’re a bunch of *** con artists and anyone who takes a bus with greyhound after reading these reviews, i pray for your soul. They would let you die and then not notify anyone about anything that happened with their bus.

Original review posted by user Dec 10, 2018

This incident took place 10/24/28-10/25/18. It was a planned trip that was supposed to be from Orlando to New York. I was set to arrive in New Yok the very next day, instead I didn't arrive until the 27th of October.

Here's what happened:

Me and my two toddlers were on the ATL bus heading toward NY, we were maybe 40 minutes into the highway before the bus engine blew out and started smoking. Instead of taking precaution and stopping the bus, the driver revved the engine repeatedly until the smoke filled up the entire bus. After getting us all off the bus, he then said he would contact his supervisor and everyone at dispatch. HE DID NOT. My 2 year old son is asthmatic, and my 4 year old daughter is traumatized from that situation. She still brings it up from time to time. So being that we weren't too far into driving from the terminal, all of the passenger's on my bus and myself were all wondering why it was taking 3 hours for a recovery bus to come and get us. I was standing on the side of the highway with my children FOR 3 HOURS, when it finally came and we returned to the ATL terminal, NONE OF THE EMPLOYEES KNEW OF OUR SITUATION OR THE FACT THAT THE BUS EVEN BLEW OUT. Which goes to show they have no care in the world for their passengers/customers. They were rude to us, they didn't answer any of my questions about when our next departure was, they acted like I didn't even exist when I asked where I was supposed to go... Then they sent us on the recovery bus to Virginia, which once I arrived, I had to get a transfer ticket to get to New York... Me and my children had to wait 7 and a half hours at the Virginia Bus Terminal for our next bus... To top it off I had to have my husband send me more cash because our trip got extended and I needed to buy more take out foods for my kids because I ran out of snacks I had packed for a one day to the next travel. I finally arrived in New York with my kids at 2am on the 27th of October.

After the incident I contacted customer service RIGHT AWAY and asked for a full refund but was told I couldn't have a full refund because I still took the trip to New York (what else was I supposed to do?), I was offered a deal for my next trip (what a laugh) I told them NO and said I'll accept the refund of cash in $50 instead. They told me 3-5 business days, this was the first phone call in November. Since then, I've called 4 more times and they keep giving me the run around, it's all a gimmick, one representative I spoke to on the phone told me he would go and get his supervisor for me, and came back acting like I didn't recognize he had an accent the first time...I was talking to the same person. I want to sue for the negligence and inconvenience they have caused my family and I. God forbid me and my children would've been killed on that bus... My husband probably would've been offered a deal on his next trip... I don't care for the $50 anymore, I care for letting the world know how HORRIBLE it is to travel with Greyhound, they will put you in harms way and not give a damn about it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Greyhound Bus Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $185.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Greyhound Pros: Gave us a 7 dollar meal plan voucher.

Greyhound Cons: Unfair refund policy, Disgusting, Highway robbery prices greyhound charges for tickets, Horrible customer service, Negligence toward their customers needs.

Location: 555 N John Young Pkwy, Orlando, FL 32805, USA

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I believe there biggest income is from ripping off client, and that is their only policy. I gave up after chasing after ten for 3 months, they hired a group of specialist some to threaten you, some to comfort you and some to play stupid.


She is lying guys. She cannot afford to travel and is trying to travel for free.


I can sympathize with you.. its been almost a month since they lost my suitcase.it had all my valuables and everything i needed for my new job i was starting..

filled out the claim form.

Got a case number..mind you ive called them almost everyday wanting to know if they found it.. of course i never get an answer and i am on hold nearly an hour..






I booked a greyhound bus to go to Seattle a month ago as I was not able o book my normal bus line, we booked the bus month ahead with confirmation number and payment receipt. it was a 4;45am bus, 3 of us were there at 4;15 and were 2nd party on line.

Before start boarding, the drive told us we have to put our bags in the luggage compartment, can't bring it on the bus even I only had a very small bag, we were going for a one day cruise. when we returned to the one, he sad boarding already started, told us to line up at the back. we thought we had ticket and confirmation, never thought of we couldn't get on, so we went to the end of the line. while there were still about 10 people in front of us, the driver said the bus was overbooked, he ccouldn't take anymore passengers.

he told us there will be another 2 buses coming half an hour and 45min later, also refers to go to the ticket center inside the station for any further questions. we went back to the building, found the ticket station opens at 6:30 in weekend and there is no greyhound bus till 1 pm. the 2 buses were operated by other bus company, we need to pay $50 cash. couple people didn;t have enough cdn, at least the bus driver took US$.

another family of 4 didn't have cash, they have to book the train so they can pay by credit card.. I have been calling greyhound customer service for one month, they said their computer system had no overbooking record of our bus, after calling again and again, finally one of the girl there said she will try to contact Vancouver office which would have the correct record, gave me case number and told me to call back in 5 days, next phone call I was told Vancouver office never return their message or email. I have to call back in a week. a week later, same answer.

I called again this morning, after confirmed my personal information, the girl kept saying she couldn't hear me and hung up. I called again, another girl put me on hold for over 20 min, told me the bus was not overbooked, they are not going to do anything. I went down to the Vancouver station (which I was told by the call centre not to go there as they were taking care of it in the previous calls). the girl there told me Greyhound had no office in Vancouver anymore, they closed their office here few months ago.

she said the counter is there to sell last minutes ticket, she also said there are people there everyday with greyhound which they have nothing to do with it, she also said there is no Vancouver greyhound for the call centre to contact, what I was told were not true. she gave me another phone # to call. hopefully I can get in touch with a supervisor. I told the call centre many times to contact the driver to verify the situation, they said they have no right.

contact the driver. just wonder any one here also booked the October 6 4:45am bus and are or ain't able to get a refund?


You would have been better off hitch-hiking. You would have gotten there much faster and for less money.


And she could have met some cool people on the way as well.




The customer service lady in the Miami airport greayhound bus station 3901 is horrible..she do not know how to treat people the right way...she is not polite at all and we wait a lot for our services to by the ticket..she is so rude..she do not have her name tag. So my complain is about her.

She suppose to have a Supervisor washing her all the time. Not a good experience with that person


Office #174 Miami airport bus station...please give that person customer services skill or fire her


When I was homeless, I used to look forward to staying at "The Greyhound Motel". Hey, I would have a warm, dry place out of the rain, and access to a lighted bathroom to use. It was a step up from the bridge that I used to be my domiciliary.


Drama 101 is down the hall...


I'm looking for someone with a sexy voice who is drama free!


I Am really sorry with what happened to you and your little children. Hope you all got in New York, safe and health and that you had received your money back.

Thanks for all your infos. My young daughter sometimes travel on this bus, all by her self, to Gaiensville. She should not know what to do on a situation like this.

We'll check another option of transportation, for her next trip. Thanks


Yeah Greyhound sucks


Right On! I was in the Dallas Greyhound Bus Terminal waiting for a bus to Houston once and they ran out of room and told me that I was going to have to wait hours for the next bus.

They gave me a $7 meal voucher and all that I was able to buy with it was an egg crossainwich type sandwich from the Greyhound. I wish that they had just given me $7 cash instead, because then I could have walked a couple of blocks over to the McDonalds in Dallas and gotten alot more food for my money.

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