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As background: I have never written one bad review/complaint about a product or service before. I have also take several modes of ground transportation in the US (including Megabus and Boltbus). My complaints about Greyhound are multi-layered, and I am only writing this to ensure that others don't have to endure such horrible experiences with this company. My complaints include:

1. The Greyhound stations are awful - they are often crowded, dirty and not well-maintained or organized. I've been to several different stations. The service is always horrific, and the majority of the staff I've interacted with have been very nasty. I wish I could say I was generalizing.

2. I was on my way to Philadelphia to Baltimore once with Greyhound, and arrived at the station 30 minutes early. Eight others were waiting for the same bus as I - we were all waiting in line at the area that said "Baltimore/DC." 15 minutes after our bus was supposed to depart, and no sign of a bus, we asked a rep what was going on. Apparently, a bus that had a "North Carolina" sign on it and that left at a different line was the bus we were supposed to get on. If that wasn't bad enough, the customer service was incompetent, rude and unhelpful. I've never met such deliberately nasty and incompetent people before (I'm not sure how they hire people). The only staff that was "less nasty" were the clean up staff, I believe they were. On top of that, after the supervisors blamed (all eight of us) for missing our bus, they refused to help those who wanted a refund for our tickets. This is not even an exaggeration. Four of us were young females who were very passive and nice, until they basically ignored us.

3. The worst phone customer service I've experienced thus far. Besides the fact that their customer service phone number didn't work, when I called corporate thereafter, I had to wait on the for 40 minutes altogether - and even so, they hung up on me.

Again, I am not one to file complaints, but I've never experienced such horrendous service, and it made me very sad to see a company come to such shambles in every way possible.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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